James Monoroe

James monoroe and his doctrines

America Wins Florida

In 1818 President Monoroe sent Andrew Jackson to Florida (which at the time belonged to Spain) to subdue the Seminole Indians who were raiding American settlements. Liberally interpreting his instructions, Jackson led his troops deep into Spanish territory where he raided two Spanish forts, revealing Vulnerability to Spanish rule. Monoroe used that vulnerability to pressure Spain into selling Florida to America.

The Monoroe Docterine

As Spain's dominion in America faded, Revolutions in its colonies brought independence to many places. When European powers threatened to form an alliance with Spain to help it regain its lost domains, Monoroe agreed that America would resist European intervention in the Western Hemisphere. This decision became the Monoroe Doctrine.
Monroe Doctrine -- Common Craft Style

A little more about James Monoroe

-Monoroe's parents died during his teen years

-Monoroe entered Washington's army

-During his years in college Monoroe raided the British Governor's palace and escaped with 200 muskets and 300 swords and gave them to the Virginia milita.

-He was the fifth president of the United States

-He was the last president of the Virginia Dynasty