Blue Gold

Taylor Dunlap

Rating 4/5

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Many governments have handed a lot power over to big water companies, but many people don't like that water companies are overpowering their local water. The companies make the water very expensive which makes it harder for lower class people to afford it. These companies are also taking more water from the ground than the ground can supply back to us.

Review Questions

How does this film relate to economics?

This film related to economics in many ways. People pay for the same water they could get out of their tap, by buying water out of bottles. Water is a supply and demand product, so buying bottled water only gives water companies more money to spend.

What is the bias of the film?

Yes this film is bias, it doesn't show any sympathy for water companies and makes them look like they are the "bad guys". The film does this by only showing the things water companies have done wrong, and not the things that the people who aren't involved in these companies have done wrong.

"We the people, must become the water guardians of the 21st century."

Personal Opinion

I thought the film was very informative and interesting. I did not know that the majority of the Earth's water was controlled by water companies, and I found this interesting to learn about. After watching the film, I researched where Flower Mound got there water supply, I learnec that our water is purchased from Dallas Water Utilities and the Upper Trinity Regional Water District. The water is filtered surface water from rivers and lakes. I also researched which country has the largest fresh water supply. Brazil has the most fresh water and has almost 4,000 more cubic kilometers than Russia, the second highest.
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"Water is more precious than gold."

Why is water so valuable?

Water is valuable because only 3% of the worlds water is drinkable, but a lot of that water is polluted. Everyone needs water to live so it is a supply and demand product. Many people do not realize how scarce water actually is because the USA has the fourth highest supply of renewable water in the world.

About the Film

Director- Sam Bozzo

Producer- Sam Bozzo

Production Company- Purple Turtle Films

Distribution Company- PBS

Location Filmed-

Year Filmed- 2008

What make big name water companies bad?

Big water companies take local water from small towns which causes the towns to have to get water from other cities. Getting water from another town is more expensive. Companies also use plastic bottles which are bad for the environment. They can pollute the land and water.