Deshuan Watson's Resilience

By: Dylan Smith

The Injury

Watson was in game 10 of Clemson's 2014-2015. Watson ran and was tackled to end the play. Watson then was still on the ground holding underneath his knee. Apparently on that plan Watson had got a torn ACL. Watson didn't play the rest of that game or the next. Then on Clemson's next game Watson was still hurt, and had not gotten surgery. Still, he came on the field and played the game with only a knee brace to protect him from further damage. This was also something "no other Clemson Tiger has ever done."

After The Injury

After Deshaun's ACL surgery, he played even better in his 2015-2016 season showing that he came back from the injury and did better than before. He made it all the way to the biggest game in his league. His bounce back from his injury showed a lot of resiliency.

Extra Information

Another thing that happened through Deshaun Watson's life was his mother. She was diagnosed with tongue cancer with which she had to have her tongue removed. Deshaun's mother was a role model to him for fighting and winning against cancer.
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The Bounce Back

Watson's junior season playing Clemson football was probably his best year he has ever had. He trained even harder and improved on almost everything. The team got trophies for winning games and Watson got awards off the field for his skill.
Deshaun Watson Official Highlights | Clemson QB