Modern day and on going issue..

Global Warming

How, and who can help fix this problem?

Only society can help this problem get better. Some people already started, you have heard the saying "GO Green!" these people have already dedicated themselves to cleaning up the earth. They feel without cleaning up the earth it will just keep getting worse and worse and eventually we will just die. The actions of these people consist of picking up trash on the sides of the road, avoiding driving more than needed, try coming up with solutions for global warming, ect ect.

How people react to these kinds of people

Some people appreciate these "GO Green!" kinds of people and others, well they don't like them too much and think they're just a bunch of tree huggers. You can normally identify who is a go green person and who isn't. Go green people normally don't have big trucks, or have a lot of trash all over, or you'll see them picking up and wearing a green shirt with a recycling thing on it. Others might drive a real big truck, litter, yet they still might not. It just all depends on what kind of person you are, and depending on who you are will help or destroy the world.

How can you join the Go Green club?

you don't have to do much to join, all you have to do is commit yourself to making the world a better place. Some churches or other companies will have clean up groups or programs for cleaning up too that you can join.
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