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Helium and its Uses

- Helium gas is used to inflate blimps, scientific balloons and party balloons.

- It is used as an inert shield for arc welding, to pressurize the fuel tanks of liquid fueled rockets and in supersonic wind tunnels.

- The gas is also used as lightweight aircraft fuel.

- Helium can also be used for breathing observation. It is essential in treating ailments asthma, emphysema and other conditions that affect breathing.

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Why do You Need Helium?

You need Helium because the human voice can be changed with a bit of helium. The gas is also used as lightweight aircraft fuel. The element is usually combined with hydrogen in air balloons. Hydrogen alone is fine, but helium makes the balloon safer to use. The same gas is used by caisson workers , so you will be able to get all of your work done underwater. Divers use oxygen and helium during their dives. The combination provides them with the atmosphere necessary to survive in high pressure environments.

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Fun Facts of Helium!

- Helium is present in our Earth's atmosphere at approximately 0.0005% by volume, which is considered very rare.

- It is the only known element that will remain at a liquid state at a temperature of absolute zero under normal pressure.

- Helium has important research and medical uses, such as in breathing assistance for premature infants and in MRI technology.