The All You Can Juice Juicer

Make Juicing fun not painful

Top of the line Juicer by Logan Springer and James Marcos-Gomez

Our Juicer is a top of the line luxurious product. It improves the painful art of juicing that is full of putting pressure on various fruits and other products for long minutes at a time.

Problems with designing our product.

Our design cam with many constraints and problems that made our work harder. We faced a small budget, limited time, and had to decide if it truly fixed the hard work of juicing.

Important Features

Important Features we have that other juicers do not have include the speed, hands free, efficiency with huge quantities, and it is very simple. All you do is insert what ever you want to juice and you plug it in. It compresses the items, squeezes them and the drains them through a strainer.

Environmentally friendly

Our Juicer get's the most juice out of the product. So it is less wasteful of other juicers and hand juicers. Also it allows the left over peels and juiced products to be thrown away easily. So it reduces the amount of leftover juiced items and get's you more juice for your buck.