Branch Rickey

Perserverence examples from The Noble Experiment

By: Jadyn NG

Summary 1

When Branch Rickey first had the idea to end segregation across baseball he had to keep it a secret from the press or else people might him a hard time about it and he would've gotten it done, but he also couldn't lie to the public so he had to tell part of the truth and try to hid the ending segregation part. (p.290)

Summary 2

Before Rickey could begin the Brooklyn Dodgers he had to find the right man for the job. This man had to be able to take the abuse, but keep his cool and not lash out of the other teammates or anyone else that might abuse him. (p. 290)
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Branch Rickey and Jackie Robionson

Quote 1

"He knew that achieving it would be terribly difficult. There would be deep resentment, determined opposition, and perhaps even racial violence.” (p. 289-290)

Quote 2

“The search had spanned the globe and narrowed down to a few candidates…” (p. 293)
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Branch Rickey quote

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