Come to the Dominican Republic!

Read A Book!

YOU Can Change A Life

In the Dominican Republic, about 92% of all children are enrolled in classes from first to eighth grade. However, these children do not receive an acceptable, quality education. Although 85% of the population is literate, only about 50% of the students continue on with their education into high school and college. Many students also struggle in school because the teaching system is not efficient; one may see many students in a classroom of third grade or older that is too old for the class, resulting in a disadvantage to the student and his or her learning career. Also, multitudes of children that wish to go to school cannot because they do not have money or access to the tools that they so desperately need for learning.

So what can you do to help? Bring books! If you come to the Dominican Republic, you will meet studetns with high potentials and shining personalities. Bring a book that we may take for granted in educational systems in America, such as Romeo and Juliet or The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. You will have the opportunity to read to these young pupils and increase their love for literature, or enourage a creativity or intelligence that may not have been present before. If you are unable to come and participate in this wonderful event, you can still contribute! All you have to do is send a book that is a part of the Literary Canon. We can assure you that a child in the Dominican Republic will receive your book, and with that receive the opportunity to learn extenively about the culture of the world. By contributing your time or your books to the students of this disadvanteged country, you are helping to shape a culture, or encourage learning. If you join us, you may change a life forever. A student might discover a love for reading or writing that they never knew about, or even become familiar with old world culture and find interest in distant countries that they never before dreamed of.

So join the fun! If you help this rising generation, an impoverished country will soon become sophisticated and successful!