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A Christmas Carol

Paragraph 1

You should watch The Chrismas Carol instead of reading the book because its emotional, interesting, and funny. the play you can visualize the story unlike the book. Also in the play they make it understandable on what's going on but in the book theirs a bunch of words that you might not even know. Also in the book it's gets boring after in a few pages but when you watch the play its feels like you're in the action. The play is very emotional like in one seen it might make you cry then all of a sudden you'll start laughing. In conclusion you should watch the play instead of reading the book because it funny, intresting, and emotional.


Paragraph 2

One sacrifice Scrooge made in the Christmas Carol was that he had to give away his money too other people and also he had to turn nice. A sacrifice I had to make In my life was I was gunna buy I game, but I saw a homeless man that needed the money more then I did so I gave him the money