Comparing Characters

By: Tessa Nicolosi

My Characters

I have chosen to compare and contrast Obi from "Dead Man's Path" and Warder Hannetjie from "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses"

Character Development

The author of "Dead Man's Path" develops Obi's character using his actions and words. Obi goes into a diatribe on the villager's beliefs, and refuses to compromise with the priest. This shows us that his characters is very close-minded and determined to transform the school into a more modern place. The author of "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses" also used actions and words to develop Warder Hannetjie's character. By willing to compromise with Brille, and by working along side the prisoners this shows us that his character is compassionate and more open-minded.

How are the characters alike?

Obi and Hannetjie were both very strict. When Obi became the headmaster of the school he had a mindset of change. Obi wanted to get rid of the old ways and make the school better, and when someone tried to interfere he refused to listen. Hannetjie was also very strict. When he became Warder he wanted to get Span One under control, and change their rash behaviors. Hannetjie beat Brille when he tried to stand up to him, and punished the prisoners when they stole.

How are the characters different?

Despite the fact that they have similarities, Obi and Hannetjie also have differences. In the story "Dead Man's Path" when the Priest offers compromise, Obi is loath to comply. After refusing compromise, villagers destroyed Obi's school. In "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses" Hannetjie listens when compromise is offered. Instead of losing his job, Hannetjie works along side the prisoners of Span One, and brings them goods to help their prison life more livable. In return, the prisoners work hard and steal Hannetjie the occasional bag of fertilizer.