November 16-20

From the Principal

November is flying! We now know our children, the first round of report cards have gone home and in some cases, there are some wake up calls and parents are deciding if they are going to support what is going on or question the methodologies. Teachers, please remember, you went to school for your degrees and you know what you are doing. Every single person is in this school is an employee because you have what it takes to be successful at John B. Dey. I just want to encourage everyone to continue with keeping your focus on the differentiation that I am seeing everywhere in this building. I have been in many classrooms in the last few days doing observations and have been VERY impressed! You all have data readily available, plans are thorough and easy to follow, learning targets are aligned and the relationships in the classes are positive.

Dr. Spence, our Superintendent, is all about the appropriate challenge for our students. The learning environment is key to the success. In my most recent principal's meeting he expressed to all of the principals in our school system that it's not just about the test. Even though the SOLS are a very important part of our life as educators and the children's lives as learners, we can't forget to keep that fire of excitement burning for our children. We see that when you all move away from the worksheets and engage them with technology, or take that STEM project to the next level that includes inquiry and discovery. Dr. Spence said, "We need to keep learning joyful and whimsical". He really said that, I am not making that up! However, he meant that children need a chance to laugh while they learn, interact as they uncover new knowledge, and share their knowledge through all sorts of pathways. No doubt, they need to know the material and are learning targets are our focus...but we need to remember to keep it fun and childlike. I have to say, I am seeing that in many classes and hope to keep seeing the 'whimsy'! :) Our half day prior to Thanksgiving is our next STEM day. Plan for that day, keeping the element of inquiry, discovery, and possibly the 'whimsy' in your planning...question to ponder: "What does whimsy look like?"

Have a wonderful weekend!



Thanks Valda for all the assistance and troubleshooting with the “issues” my computer has been having. Greatly appreciated. From Michele Self

Rose Chick-You are all over the school helping, teaching, counseling, and coaching. We don't know how we would survive without you! Thanks for constantly smiling and keeping it real and positive!-Beth and Jill

To Kenny, Jun, William, Patrick, Robin, and Lou-Thanks for keeping the school so shiny and sanitary! Flu season is upon us and strep cases are showing up. We appreciate all of your deep cleaning and attention to detail.-Beth and Jill

Afternoon Parent-Pick Up Team (Valda, Cassandra, Kathy, Louise and Susan)-Thank you for all you are doing to help that process. Surprisingly, not all parents are nice at all times, but you all are doing a great job with keeping the flow going and keeping the parents happy! Beth and Jill

Lynne Logan-Your safety patrols have been doing an awesome job. Thanks for the training and follow through with them. Those kids are learning important life skills!-Beth and Jill


Monday, November 16 -20: Turkey Teacher Canned Food Drive

Monday, November 16 -20: Anti-Bullying Week

Monday, November 16: GOTR; 4th Gr. Chorus

Monday, November 16: Plaza MYP Info Night, November 16 or 18 @ 6:30 p.m. (pick one)

Tuesday, November 17: JBD Spirit Night -Anna’s Kitchen 3-10 p.m. Take-out included

Wednesday, November 18: Teacher Assistant Appreciation Day! ♥

Wednesday, November 18: Jamestown Field Trip 5th Grade -8:30-3:30

Wednesday, November 18: 5th Grade Art Club cancelled!

Wednesday, November 18: 1st Grade Gifted Parent Information Mtg. 6 p.m. (JBD Café)

Wednesday, November 18: Plaza MYP Info Night, November 16 or 18 @ 6:30 p.m. (pick one)

Thursday, November 19: Lifetouch Make-up Picture Day 8:15 a.m. Café Stage

Thursday, November 19: National Parental Involvement Day

Friday, November 20: Staff Welfare Pumpkin Day 7:40 a.m. Teacher Mailroom

Wednesday, November 25: Turkey Teacher Day/

Adjusted Dismissal 12:10 p.m. Grades 1-5

AMK 8:10 – 10:10 a.m.

PMK 10:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.

Thursday/Friday, November 26-27: Thanksgiving Holiday!

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Hooray for our Virginia Beach Education Foundation Grant Winners!

This is what professionalism is all about. Going to that next level and taking the time to think about those amazing extra things we need to make our program even better. I could not be more proud that John B. Dey Elementary School received 3 Grants, totaling over $5000 from the Virginia Beach Education Foundation. Our underwriters were HBA Architecture (Mike Ross-Pictured was the head of the grant committee and is our head architect for our modernization) who awarded the Robotics and the 3D printer grants. Dukane awarded the Sustainability grant. Thanks to our following staff members for their efforts and congratulations:

Edgar Jumper and Nick Tempest- First Grade Robotics

Suzanne Buhner-If Not Us, Who-Sustainability Grant

Karen Reidelbach and Phyllis Adamson-3D Printer Grant

Almost all of the grants awarded were based on the lens of STEM. If you have an idea, talk about it and there will be help for you to bring it to life!

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I Make A Difference

Surely, it is really nice to be appreciated and recognized for your hard work, but I do know that I cannot do it all alone without the help of others. Especially my boss, as I sometimes call him, the guy responsible for making sure that the school is clean inside and out, a good leader to his subordinates, which are treated fairly without bias, a man who is responsible for giving the school the Gold Award of Appreciation for consecutive years now, the man of 25 years in this school, a good man, an honest man, my supervisor, my mentor and friend Mr. Kenny Davis.

Kenny, you really “Make A Difference” every day at JBD.

From Mr. Lope (Jun) Vargas

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