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Chatta's 3 Aim Objectives

  • Immediate impact on children’s speech and language development
  • Effective practitioners to give children the best possible start
  • Strong partnerships with parents and carers

Please Share a Chat with us

We want to know that you're up and running and seeing impact! So please share a chat with us to the below email address. (Please ensure the chat you share doesn't have direct photographs of the children in as we may use this for our website or other public material).

How are you doing? If you think there's anything extra we can do to help you out, you know where we are, we're available for you 9.30-4.30 Monday to Friday. Around now we want to start understanding your particular needs so we do ask that you get in contact. How do you think you'd use chatta in your establishment? Do you have a plan in place?

email: hello@chatta.co.uk


0845 003 0896

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- How it's working out for you?

- If there are things you think we could do even better?

- Are you considering using chatta long term?


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What are other people saying?

“We were immediately attracted to it,” says Andrew Smith, Headteacher, Lyons Hall Primary School, Essex. “chatta is an approach that we are using inside and outside the classroom to reinforce our focus on speaking and listening. The approach has very quickly become part of our practice and part of what we do in lessons. Teachers are extremely positive about it as part of wider learning support in the classroom.”