Lauryn Hills Ex Factor

The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hills Rise

Lauryn Hill was originally in the group "The Fugees". The song I chose was "Ex factor" by Lauryn hill. The song has an r&b, neo soul, hip hop soul to it. Lauryn Hill decided to make a solo album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill". The title was inspired by "The Mis-education of a Negro" book by Carter G. Woodson and the Education of Sonny Carson , a film and autobiographical novel. I think the title is very different and clever and by her just making the album was the best decision she ever made. Don't get me wrong i loved listening to the her and the rest of the Fugee members but hearing an album just by Lauryn was beautiful. She received lots of criticism due to her broadcasting her life and relationships. In return she received lots of rewards for this album. At the 41st Grammy Awards, two of the awards she received was an Album of the year award and Best New Artist award.

The Miseducation...

The song expresses how Lauryn hill felt for one of her former group member, Wyclef Jean. When they were together and it wasn't a healthy relationship because they never got along and every time she tried to leave he would convince her to make her stay. Although the message of the song is sad i love the melody to it. I love her runs in the song and just how its so smooth and peaceful. I would definetly recommend this song if you enjoy the late 90s hip hop music. If you listen to Lauryn Hill this is a must. This song is important because she finally got to tell everyone about her messed up relationship. Wyclef originally didn't support Lauryns new album but when he offered to help, Lauryn Declined. By her declining it was like a "I don't need you to be successful" It was all very empowering considering the fact that when Lauryn went solo it was so hard for her in such a sexist industry.

What Makes Me Love The Music

This is the intro to ex factor that I fell in love with. It starts off with so much emotion and feeling that you're just like "woah that was deep". Its really sad but the tempo is so smooth and calming you just want to close your eyes and enjoy the music. When I heard the song it was so sad when she said "Who do I have to be to get some reciprocity". I'd usually listen to this song when I felt sad and wanted to be alone but growing up I've noticed I listen to more calm and and slow music regardless of my mood. It's especially enjoyable on the long car rides, letting the time go by. Lauryn always puts me in a daze getting me to think about life and all its obstacles.
Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor
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