Nico Di Angelo

Hero's Journey and acts of Heroism

What is heroism?

Heroism is the ability to withstand many trials testing durability, persistence, perseverance, courage, mental strength, and kindness. Though heroism may be interpreted many different ways such as simply "great bravery," or, "heroic action, or courageous," it doesn't necessarily meant the strongest person who slays beasts and fights for their kingdom. Nico Di Angelo, created by Rick Riordan, shows determination and strength in his actions, with side mentions that prove his natural kindness and the truth in what he is fighting against, besides the main antagonist, is his own person. Nico Di Angelo shows heroism by continuing to fight for himself despite the voices of himself and others in the past in order to save the lives of others.

The main hero of these series could be argued and come up undetermined every time it was debated. Nico Di Angelo was first created to be a side character, then ended up being the person to convince Hades that he was the only hope for the Olympians to succeed. He saved the world multiple times, but continues to be humble and doesn't think of himself as any sort of hero. In relative terms, a hero is determined by a personal definition depending on what one person respects and looks up to in character. Besides a personal view seeing this character as a hero, the timeline follows the path for the Hero's Journey layout in the monomyth theory. Nico Di Angelo is a hero by all descriptions, fulfilling all qualifications, and exceeding expectations.

Hero's Journey

12: Status quo. Nico Di Angelo is a normal kid at a private school, somehow with no knowledge of the last years of his life.

1: Grover, Thalia, Annabeth, and Percy “rescue” Nico and his sister Bianca from their principal which ends up being the Greek Myth of the Manticore (Losing Annabeth in the process). They decide to take Nico and Bianca to camp half-blood, but Bianca splits off and joins the hunters of artemis.

2: Percy goes off on a quest to find Annabeth, Bianca dies on the quest, Nico gets upset and runs away after being claimed as a son of Hades. (His assistance was pretty much the entire thing)

3: Nico runs off and isn’t seen until the next book or so, he is fully aware of his demi godly-ness.

4: In the time he is gone, he visits the underworld several times, helps Percy with becoming impenetrable with the idea of the River Styx (myth of Achilles) in the fifth book, overcomes Minos after raising the dead in the fourth, etc.

5: He talks his dad into helping the Olympians save the world, still does not return to Camp Half-Blood. He is mentioned in the first few books in the next series, as he meets his sister (step, by godly side) Hazel, who is a main character in the Heroes of Olympus series.

6: He is captured by two giants in Mark of Athena, kept in a comatose state as he is vital to the success of the olympus. He is rescued, though, by the heroes, joining them on their quest as Percy and Annabeth fall into an endless abyss. of where he previously was.

7: In leading the group, he gets new friends and Annabeth and Percy are saved. In the next book, their cooperation leads to saving the world by returning the Athena Parthenos to the greeks, joining Roman and Greek demigods to fight against the rising forces.

8: Nico is welcomed back into camp-half blood, the world is saved, he has friends who will be there for him, and he has a new family.

9: Nico is back where he started, confused between the options of which camp, which friends, or just to be lonely again.

10: He chooses to stay in camp half blood with his friends and to refurbish the Hades cabin, he is immediately introduced to a “very interesting, annoying, camp member…”

11: He begins a new life at the camp, feeling finally at home for once.

12: He continues on with his life, though now feeling much better and welcomed. He wears his title proudly and has many friends, becoming much happier.


The character of Nico Di Angelo, created from the mind of Rick Riordan during the first mythology series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Though this character might not be viewed as a hero in the minds of other readers, but in mine, he may be one of the most valued characters that I have ever understood most. Di Angelo survived through the death of his sister, the end of the world, the negligent parent who doesn't accept who you are or want to be, through tartarus for heaven's sake, and through the disappointment that came with the title "Son of Hades." This character was a hero through perseverance and skill, never giving up and surrendering into the pain. Nico Di Angelo gave a certain idea of what it means to be a hero to yourself, not necessarily one to others, as that would follow.

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