Valentine's Day Edition

Chivalry and Courtly Love

James Marshall on this post offers some old-time rules just in time for Valentine's Day. His page covers Rules of Chivalry, The Art of Courtly Love, and the 25 Rules of Civility.


The Science, Marketing and Math of Valentine's Day

On her website, Rosemary Jean-Louis suggests the PBS sites below for content area Valentine's Day sources:

Love Letters of a Dozen Well-known People

These are not the letters of the Brownings, but rather those of Henry VIII, Gerald Ford, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Michael Jordan, Frida Kahlo and 11 others.


Kids' Valentine Videos

Bing has a page of Valentine video stories, songs etc. just for kids.


Dating in the Digital Age

Below is an infographic about how many people are dating through the use of technology. For a larger image, see the link:


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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Valentine's Day and More

This site has TONS of stuff on all different aspects of Valentine's Day. To see all the site offers, go to the link. Six of the topics are below.


The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers was first printed in 1809. At the online site, you can look up a sentiment you want to express, and learn the appropriate flower to send. Or, you can look up a flower and see what sentiment it expresses.

Students can explore the site and then describe the bouquet they would send to a friend, parent, love interest, pet, etc. and give examples of why these sentiments were chosen.


Two History of Valentine's Day Resources

The History of Valentine's Day

Animation on the history of Valentine's Day



History, love, chocolate and more from the History Channel:


Prek-6 Grade Valentine's Day Resources

Lots of content area Valentine's Day printables, activities, etc. Be sure to scroll through the bottom of the page for some good links!

Link: http:

This is Your Brain in Love

Can one person experience love more deeply than another? That’s what The Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging and filmmaker Brent Hoff set out to understand when they hosted the 1st Annual Love Competition.

Seven contestants, ranging from 10 to 75 years of age, took part. And they each spent five minutes in an MRI machine, thinking deeply about love and allowing the imaging technology to measure activity in their dopamine, serotonin and ocytocin/vasopressin pathways.

If you think this sounds unromantic, you’ll want to reserve judgment. Though science may be the explicit focus here, the film has a touching human dimension to it.


Top 50 "Love" Songs

In honor of Valentine's Day, Billboard Magazine's Fred Bronson ranked the biggest 'Love' songs to ever. Part of his criteria was that the word, "Love" or some form of it, had to be in the title.

#45 You've Lost that Loving Feeling (1965)

#30 What's Love Got to do with It? (1984)

#21 To Sir with Love (1967)

#6 I Will Always Love You (1992)

#1 ?