Digital Citizenship

Period Seven Info Tech

Self Image and Identity

Digital media is the websites, videos, and text posted on the Internet. Anyone can see them. Digital citizenship is using this digital media appropriately. In high schools around the world, digital media has become a big part of the students lives. Make sure the things you are posting are appropriate. Remember anyone can see it.

Digital Footprint and Reputation

Everytime you log on to a social media site, you leave a digital footprint. Even if you delete a post, the site still keeps record of that post and it can still be found. Some of these choices lead to consequences. Be careful about what you are putting on your accounts.

Common Sense Media- Digital Footprint Intro

Relationships and Communication

Image is the way that people visualize that they should be. There is also a double standard for this, or in other words, guys are judged differently than girls are because of their image. When you meet someone online, you could be starting a great relationship and friendship. It could be a really good thing for you. On the other hand, forming relationships online could be a really bad thing. If you have never actually met the individual in person, then they could be someone who it doesn't look like they are. You could get into big trouble by not knowing this person. It is best to only be in contact with people on social networking with people that you actually know.