Vietnam War

By: Alex Collins

John F Kennedy

  1. Kennedy agreed that America should finance an increase in the size of the South Vietnamese Army from 150,000 to 170,000
  2. started the Strategic Hamlet in Vietnam
  3. convinced that Diem would be a bad leader got the CIA to get the souths generals to overthrow him
  4. used 40000 dollars to overthrow Diem
  5. their was military advisors sent to Vietnam and by the end of 1962 there were 12,000 of these advisors in South Vietnam
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John F. Kennedy believed the Domino Theory and that the U.S. should try and containment communism. he was also advised to not go into Vietnam being told it was going to trap America.By that it would tear the U.S. foreign policy like it did with the french.

Kennedy was supporting in helping south Vietnam against Ho Chi Minh the north. But their was many that didn't want to go to war. that the dislike went on during the war like when the war needed more people their was protest everywhere like at Kent State a college and during their protest they set fire and guardsmen kill four students and wounded nine.

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