December 2013

Team Kinney Newsletter

New Year, New Goals!

Hello Team Kinney!

It's a new year and a time for all of us to reset our goals for what Thirty-One means to us and what we want to accomplish. I would encourage you to look back on 2013 and re-evaluate what you want to accomplish short term (next 6 months) and long term (within the next 12 months).

I have seen a lot of people on Facebook picking a word to describe what they want their year to be and I have give this a lot of thought with regards to mine. Both personal and professional, my word for 2014 is "intentional". With everything I want to do personally and professionally, I want to act intentionally and with purpose. May seem loose for some, but for me, it works!

We had a great year in 2013, I am so proud to lead a wonderful group of women and ready to guide you in 2014. PLEASE reach out if you need me!! I want to help!


Top Sales

Debbie Michaud - $3479.52

Erin Mutchler-Rose - $1409.70

Amy Salmons - $1102.62

Dana Augur - $1094.54

Kristy Guthrie - $963.00


No new consultants joined our team in December. Let's make sure we are sharing the opportunity with everyone! It's amazing where you will go when you watch others join and grow. Best feeling ever!

$1000 Parties

Debbie Michaud - $1036.00

Sales of $500 or more!

Carla Alvarado - $929.41

Jennifer Foster - $874.93

Pam Bormann - $863.98

Manda Boyce - $780.00

Jennifer Porter - $765.88

Debbie Godfrey - $699.88

Melanie Wittman - $645.35

Samantha Brumbaugh - $623

Rebecca Engman - $595

April Jocelyn - $586

Danielle Gudroe - $583.85

Jillian Hatch - $531.99

Jill Corwin - $501

Start Swell

Jennifer Foster- Level 3

Jillian Hatch - Level 4

Kristy Guthrie - Level 4 and ALL LEVELS COMPLETED!

Manda Boyce - Level 1

Nicole Pelkie - Level 4

Pam Bormann - Level 4

Samantha Brumbaugh - Level 3