Language and Learning Implications

English Language Acquisition

Affects on language development and language/classroom performance

English language acquisition's affects on language development and language/classroom performance will vary largely on the individual child. However, some trends found from research and/or observation include:

  • Behavioral issues due to lack of understanding.
  • The child may not talk, not follow directions or may pretend to understand.
  • Mixing grammar rules (e.g. "car green" instead of "green car")
  • Using words from both languages in the same sentences (e.g. mandar un letter)
  • A "silent period" may last several months while the second language is being introduced
  • Math difficulties -- requires both linguistic and nonlinguistic skills (Alt, Arizmendi, Beal, Nippold & Pruitt-Lord, 2014)
  • Difficulty deciphering between academic and social language
  • Excessively high drop out rates
  • The child may struggle socially since they not understanding slang/idioms
  • Isolation of the child from being "different" from peers may affect motivation
  • The child may not have the vocabulary specific to each content area (science, math, reading)

Being a dual language learner and of low SES will impede rate of English language acquisition


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