Canadian Constitution:

Levels of Government

Lesson objectives:

By the end of today's lesson I will:

1) Know why Canada has three levels of government.

2) know what each level of government is responsible for.

3) Complete an "In the news today" review of a current article.

Task #1: View and Respond:

Record the video title into your notebook and the four questions. Leave a couple spaces for your responses. As you watch the video record your responses to the four questions in your notebook. Once you have completed your responses, share your findings with a partner.

RMR| Rick Mercer Report

While watching the two short Rick Mercer Report video clips below, complete the following questions:

1. Who is mentioned in this clip? What does this clip tell you about the people mentioned?

2. What was the message behind his "rant" or clip?

3. What did you learn about politics from this rant?

4. Did you agree with this message? Provide 2 points.

RMR| Two weeks til the election

RMR: Rick's Rant - Two Weeks 'til the Election

RMR| Rick's Rant Vote!

Rick Mercer: Rick's Rant: Vote!

Task #2 Canadian Constitution

It is the supreme law of Canada. It establishes the rules on how Canada's government is structured and how powers are divided up. Copy the note found on the link titled "Canada's Constitution."

Task #3: Who does what?

Who Does What?


Record figure 2-3 on page 44 of the "Citizenship: Issues in Action" text into your notebook. You will be quizzed on "who does what."

Task #4: Traditions of our Parliamentary System

Read pages 47-50 of the textbook.

Define the following terms:

Constitutional Monarchy

Direct Democracy

Representative Democracy


Answer questions the following questions on page 50:

2. a


4.a &b