Hammer Case

By: Ryan Dinh

Evidences in the case

  • Blood Splatter
  • Cast Off Stain
  • Passive Stain
  • Medium Velocity
  • Hammer
  • Lamp


Blood splatter is used to analyze the shape and the size of the blood pattern to reconstruct the crime scene.

There are 3 types of blood stain patterns:

Cast off stain : A bloodstain pattern created when blood is released or thrown from a blood-bearing object in motion. The shape in this pattern is essentially round with less disruption in shape due to less velocity.

Passive stain - A bloodstain pattern where someone stands still with the item and the blood drops. Passive stain have rounder shapes.

Medium Velocity - A bloodstain pattern that gives direction of travel with the use of the blunt force. The pattern of the stain has a tail on them.

Hammer - it gives fingerprints and DNA of the person committing the crime.

Lamp- It shows where the person is at the time of the crime. It casts a shadow on the adjoining wall.

Self Defense or Murder??

Base on all the evidence , it was clear that it was murder because from the blood spatter pattern it clearly showed that the person had intent to kill the other person by the use of blunt force with the weapon being the hammer. The hammer had DNA evidence that would be use to link the person. Based on the evidence of the medium velocity blood stain, it clearly showed that she had used blunt force to kill.The lamp casts a shadow to the adjoining wall showing where the person was at the time of the crime. Thus base on all the evidence it would be a murder instead of self defense.