HS/MS Unplugged

Tonasket School District

Big picture
    • READ. Read. READ.

    • Go for a hike - identify animals, plants, trees, write about your experience!

    • Find things in nature that you can use to make art projects!

    • Plant a garden - Get the starts to a garden going inside. Design your dream garden on paper. What would you have? What would it look like?

    • Organize an area in your house--take items no longer needed and use them for a recycled art project, or pass along things to others, who might be in need. While you are at it, you could organize your room, backpack, etc.

    • Chart the weather and make predictions.

    • Write. Journal. Create stories and poems, or even a novel.

    • Make a comic book.

    • COOK

    • HOME EC 101 - learn how to properly do the laundry, clean the house, cook, sew, etc.

    • Outside chores - participate in yard work, wash windows, SPRING cleaning, work with animals.

    • Commit to a daily exercise program.

    • DO ART!

    • Create a budget.

    • Make slime or homemade ice cream (Chemistry).

    • Keep a living history of this experience. Video or write a daily journal of this time period in your life to someday share with your own children and grandchildren.