Have you heard of Beautycounter

Mission: To get safe products into the hands of everyone.

Have You Heard of Beautycounter?

Have you heard of Beautycounter yet? If this is the first time, I'm so excited for you! If you have heard of it, maybe you will learn something new!

Beautycounter is an amazing company whose mission is to get SAFE products into the hands of everyone. They are doing this not only by providing safe products, but also through educating consumers about the lack of regulation in the personal care industry, and by partnering with organizations that are working to change that.

Below are facts. But they seem so ridiculous that they are hard to believe.

  • Companies are required to notify the Minister of Health of the ingredients, and their concentrations, contained in any cosmetic sold in Canada — but not until 10 days after the product hits the market.
  • Many chemical ingredients in cosmetics have never been tested for their effects on human health and the environment.
  • Assessment of cosmetic ingredients is often frustrated by a lack of data on exposure and long-term health effects. Moreover, of the handful of chemicals assessed to date and deemed to be toxic, those used in cosmetics generally remain unregulated, with Health Canada opting instead to place them on the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist.

Hotlist — Not so hot

  • Health Canada lists prohibited and restricted ingredients on the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist.
  • The Hotlist, has no legal authority and cannot be enforced.
  • Chemicals that are prohibited or restricted as ingredients may therefore still be present in cosmetics as by-products or impurities.


New rules introduced in 2006 require manufacturers to disclose cosmetic ingredients on the product label. This important improvement to the Cosmetic Regulations provides information to consumers and health professionals that was previously considered confidential.

Another limitation of Canada's cosmetic labelling requirements is that they do not apply to "unintentional ingredients" (e.g., by-products and impurities). For example, "formaldehyde" (a cancer-causing chemical) is rarely listed as an ingredient, although many cosmetics contain formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.

A similar loophole exists for chemicals used to scent or mask scents in cosmetics. The term "fragrance" or "parfum" on an ingredients list usually represents a complex mixture of dozens of chemicals. Fragrance recipes are considered a trade secret so manufacturers are not required to disclose fragrance chemicals in the list of ingredients.

I don't know about you, but that scares me. That's why when I discovered Beautycounter, I was in. 100%.

Beautycounter offers:

  • two skin care lines for the face
  • a hair and body collection
  • a kids' collection
  • a sunscreen collection
  • a cosmetics collection
  • a lip collection

All of these products are chic, effective and non-toxic.

My Story

Since having kids I have become more aware. I'm more informed about where our food comes from, the chemicals in my children's personal care products, the materials we use. I try to make healthy choices when it comes to what we put in our bodies, but up to this point, I kind of came last when it came to making the best decisions for my own personal care products. Always for my kids, but me? Who had the time to research all that too?

When I was introduced to Beautycounter a couple of weeks ago and read about their mission and products, I thought FINALLY! A company that thought like me, cared about the things I did, and took all the legwork out of it for me. A one stop shop where I could feel confident about the products I was buying for my kids AND me.



If I was going to be stranded on a desert island and had to pick three products to have with me it would absolutely be one of the Lustro Oils (probably #2 because that one is for dry/mature skin), the Nourishing Cleansing Balm (true miracle worker in this Midwest weather - use it as a makeup remover, or as a nightly mask, dry skin healer…), and the Protect Sunscreen. Though I am equally obsessed with the shampoo and conditioner that we offer as well as the Tint Skin Complexion Coverage. You truly can't go wrong. And Beautycounter also has some fabulous gift options for the holiday season for your loved ones. Try Beautycounter. I promise you won't be sorry. But if for some crazy reason you want to return your products, within the first 30 days Beautycounter will give you a full refund plus give you your return shipping cost as product credit. It's a win/win!


The best part? THEY DO WORK! I consider myself a bit of a product junkie and I am telling you I have LOVED every product I have tried. They just feel so luxurious. And the packaging is chic and I don't have to worry about the ingredients. It's product heaven for me.

I have been using the Essentials skin care line along with the Lustro Face Oil 3 (fabulous!) and my skin is more calm than it has been in months. I've also been using the face sunscreen daily too and I love how well it blends in and doesn't have that sunscreen smell. I'm excited to try their Kidscounter line and check of their brand new three piece cosmetics line that just launched. I know I'm going to love them. I just have that kind of confidence in this company.

  • Beautycounter does not do any animal testing, nor do any of their independent testing labs.

  • The emphasis of Beautycounter is on SAFETY and many of their ingredients are organic, vegan and gluten-free.

  • The Kidscounter line is even nut free.

You can support the movement in a couple different ways.

Browse or purchase products and get more information on my website http://www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/jayneann-kent

  • Products can be purchased directly from my website, or through a one-on-one consultation. They can also be purchased through small get-togethers (Beautycounter calls them "socials") which could simply mean a couple of us meet up for happy hour and I bring some products along.

Check your current products via the EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

Take a peek at Beautycounter's "Never List." This is a list of ingredients you will never find in their products. If you are passionate about safety, you might be interested to check your own products for these ingredients. http://bit.ly/1lSxuaZ

Ask me for a "face kit!" This will be a set of products I lend to you for 4-5 days, so you can try them yourself.

Join me. I would love to have you as a business partner. I really believe in this. You'll earn commission, get a discount on your own products, but most importantly, you'll help CREATE CHANGE. You won't be offered prizes like cars. Beautycounter would rather put that extra money into one of their three trusted non-profit partners: Environmental Working Group (EWG), Breast Cancer Fund, and Healthy Child Healthy World.

CEO and Founder Gregg Renfrew Tells Beautycounter Story