February Recap Letter

Just a little note about what I did this month


This month I decided to write this little recap newsletter! I'm kind of terrible at writing blog posts and such. Instead I figured I can just recap my month every once and awhile. Then I can basically blog, but in a more manageable way.


This month I made an awesome video this month with JakeShake! On my channel we filmed "Types of People On Valentine's Day", I really enjoyed being able to work with another youtuber on a video. It was really cool to see our different styles and how they came together to make something great. Jake's video was titled "5 Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine ". I loved collabing with him and I can't wait to do it again!
Types of People On Valentine's Day Featuring JakeShake!

I'm Getting Older...

This month I turned FIFTEEN! Not only that, but I also got my permit... I've been learning how to do right and left turns which is rather exciting. Hopefully I'll learn how to do these turns above two miles per hour. If I can I'll finally be able to drive on the real road. Until then I'm limited to driving in my school parking lot...


In early February, I went to a small dance competition. Three of my friends and I competed our small group dance "Photograph". I also competed my tap solo "Booty Swing". Both dances were so much fun to perform. One of the judges gave my small group a special award for best emotion. The photo to the right is when we received the award. At awards, my dances received the following:


Special Award - Best Emotional Performance Intermediate/Senior/Adult

1st Place Intermediate Lyrical Small Group

2nd Highest Overall Scoring Small Group

Booty Swing:

3rd Place Intermediate Tap Solo

Later I went to a slightly bigger competition.

Magic To Do:


Teen Production Challenge Champion

Entertainment Challenge Contender
Farewell, As I Take You With Me:


Teen Line Challenge Champion



1st Runner Up Teen Large Group

High Gold

2nd Runner Up Teen Small Group

Teen Small Group Second Runner Up
Booty Swing: