Balclutha Primary School - T1 Wk 9

Newsletter 1 April 2022

Principal's Report

Kia Ora e te Whānau,

Ko te tumanako me haere tahi tatou’

Let us do this together

I believe that for a school to be successful, we all need to work together - students, staff, parents and the wider community. I have been so impressed and so grateful with the way our school community has worked together over the past few weeks, as we have had to navigate COVID cases within our community.

Our students continue to focus on their learning, both at home and while in isolation. The ability of many of our senior students in particular to hook into their learning while at home, has been fantastic.

Our school staff have really stepped up in the last two weeks, as we have had to juggle children learning at home, and at school, and manage without a number of staff members who have also had to isolate. It is a real credit to our fantastic team of staff and relievers, that we have managed to keep our strong learning programmes going most days.

We are very grateful to our parents who have kept unwell children at home, to minimise the spread of illness, and also help their children with learning when isolating.

On Thursday evening we had our Whānau and School meeting. What a fabulous group of parents who are so focused on supporting every child in the school. BPS is very fortunate to have their support. It was wonderful to see some new faces along at the meeting, and I look forward to some exciting events they have planned for later in the year.

Our BPS community is fantastic, and we all need to take pride in the way we have worked together to get through this. Thank you!

Ngā mihi nui,

Vicki Neave.


We will have a mufti day, next Friday 8 April. Students can wear mufti and bring a gold coin donation.

Funds raised will be donated to help support refugees arriving in our area.

Whānau and School Update

Whanau and School Update

Last night we had our Annual General Meeting and then our Monthly Meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Election of Officers for 2022-2023

Co-Presidents - Carleigh Frisby and Sara Sutherland

Treasurer - Shelley Smith

Secretary - Stacey Labes

Vice President - Alana Jamieson


BPS House and Garden Tour - Sunday 6th November 2022

If you would like help please let me know.

Email or Sara on 02102372282.

Keep safe and let's be kind to each other :-)

Sara Sutherland and Carleigh Frisby

Whanau and School Co-Presidents

Welcome to Jack who started in Room 1 this week!

Big picture


We have had several families, throughout the school, advise us that headlice is about.

Please check your child's hair over the weekend and treat if necessary. If you need any help finding the right treatment, please ask your local chemist or ask us for an information sheet.

2022 Sport News


Only two rounds left!

Draw for April 7th as follows

BPS Stars vs Valley Vikings, 5:15 ground1

BPS Racers vs St Marys, 4:30 ground 5

BPS Superstars vs Waiwera Clinton Blue, 4:30 ground 10

BPS Lions vs Lawrence Pink, 3:45 ground 5

BPS Teenies vs Milton Teenies, 3:45 ground 9

What a great game the BPS Superstars had. It was really great to see this team using some great skills their coaches have taught them.


Draw will be emailed when information is available

Top Team

Balclutha Primary School was able to enter a team for Top Team which was held last Friday in the Rec Centre. The team was made up of three boys and 8 girls who must work as a team to complete some challenges. There were two quizzes followed by a game called Bombardment. You had to throw a smaller ball at a swiss ball from a baseline, you would get a point if your team managed to get it over the other team's line. It was chaotic, noisy, sweaty and lots of fun for the kids and they seemed to enjoy it. Next round will be held in Term 2, hopefully with just as much excitement. Thank you to Stacey, our Team Manager.

Lunch time basketball tournament has been postponed until next week


BPS Netball AGM 2022

Friday 8th April at 7pm

If you or your child are keen to learn more about BPS netball and how this will look in the future please attend this online meeting - Any apologies to Tara Unahi -027 380 7603.

Due to the current covid situation in our community, the meeting will be held via Zoom click the link below

Thank you, Tara.

On behalf of South Otago Netball please see the attached flyer "Get Ready For Netball."

The link to register and for more information is below.

The programmes are for all Year 5 to Year 8 players that are either interested in playing for the first time or preparing to take the court again this season. The programmes are designed to give all participants an understanding of the basic skills required to play netball, how to execute them and transfer them in a game of netball.

The programme includes skill development, game play and netballsmart activities. There will be spot prizes from Southern Steel players, potentially in person online.

Highly recommended for any Year 5-8 children interested in netball!

Tania Arthur

Balclutha Primary School

Sports Co-ordinator

Room 1

Room 1 have painted their own autumn trees. We used the bottom of fizzy bottles to create the leaves on the trees.

Room 2

Room 2 had a great time making monkey masks with Mrs Judson and learning about the poem "Five Little Monkeys". We are also enjoying discussing the school-wide maths challenges - this week we talked about what comes in pairs, and what makes something a pair. Here is our huge poster with our drawings of pairs.

Room 3

Room 3 have been reading poems about Autumn. Here is Arron's decorated poem with gorgeous autumn coloured leaves.
Big picture

Room 5

Room 5 children enjoying the fallen leaves yesterday afternoon. Ready to write some autumn poems.

Room 6

Room 6 has some amazing discussion around the questions: are there more doors or wheels in the world? We went on to record our point of view. Check out the writing from Lilyana, Ana and Alfie.

Room 12

This week, with Mrs Morrison, Room 12 have been learning about 3D shapes and creating their own with blu tack skewers and mini sticks. Look how great they turned out!

Room 11

This is my fully completed painted umbrella, To make this beautiful piece of art work we had to mix primary and secondary colours together to make tertiary colours. Mrs Willocks had to take a picture of our legs to put under our umbrella, and for our amazing background we added newspaper or music sheets to make it POP! Aidan Cloete
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Congratulations to last week's awesome award winners...

Room 1

Sophia-Rose Brown - for always being willing to help and being a caring friend to all our new visitors.

Room 2

CJ Brownie - for sharing wonderful ideas in maths discussions.

Frieda Lowe - for huge effort with her Structured Literacy.

Room 3

Dani Cleverley - for working hard every day and trying her best at printing and writing.

Arron Sell - for trying his best and doing good work with his finger spelling.

Room 5

Murray Maxwell - for showing determination and progress in his learning.

Zayden Young - for helping teachers and his classmates.

Room 6

Manahi Melvin - for giving every task 100% effort even when it gets hard.

Paige McPhee - for being respectful and caring to other students.

Room 12

Tyson Adams - for being willing to help others and give new things a go!

Mioné Meyer - for always being willing to try new things and puts 100% effort into everything she does.

Room 11

Scarlett Newport - for her positive, hard working approach to learning in Room 11.

Isiah Stretton - for being so keen and engaged in his learning.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to...

Jack Rhodes

Lilly Inglis

Bank Accounts

  • School Saveloys, sport fees and all camp fundraising and donations - 02 0900 0000 452 00
  • Whānau and School, all fundraising (except camp fundraising), school uniforms (2nd hand and new) -
  • 03 1734 0006449 00