Five nights at freddy 2

Is it more scary then the last one?

Is it scary then the last one

Well since i play the demo of five nights at freddy then its kinda scary on the 2 day of the demo foxy came out i thought freddy will come and you know kill me or something like that well it didn't i was disappointed and well i didn't buy it i didn't want to but until i saw that the new five nights at freddy will come out i was really excited and i didn't know when the demo will come out until someone play it i finally went to the website and download it then i died on the 1 night and until i finally past the 2night i well die too and freddy come's out i was happy for that but i heard that it didn't say the laugh like the last five nights at freddy but if you want to say anything like bad comments or durty comments then feel free but i will not care about it i'm just saying that five nights at freddy 2 is better then the last one