{Mascot Misery}

Juan Aguilar, Talli Goodwin, Adriana Bryant


Boise High School's current mascot, the "Braves", is highly controversial because it offends Native Americans. If the mascot had to be changed, which mascot should it be changed to so that it would still represent Boise High School well?


  1. To select a new mascot to replace the "Braves", that is not offensive.
  2. Have the new mascot that is chosen accepted by the Boise High School student Body.
  3. To implement the new mascot at Boise High School without a problem.

Data- Collection Methods

We used internet to research possible mascot ideas. Then we created a survey to ask current teenagers which mascot they would like to see the most and to measure the satisfaction at Boise High School when the new mascot is implemented

Choosing the New Mascot

We used Exploratory Research by creating a survey. The four possible mascot ideas we came up with were bears, bulldogs, bucks, and barbarians.

Secondary Data

The Buck represents Idaho in so many different ways. Bucks have different types which can resemble Boise High Schools culturally diverse students. Idaho is also well know for the outdoors where the all the Buck live. They are very strong animals which stands for Boise Highs tough clubs and teams. The Bucks usually stay around an area they call home range. Boise High Schools home range is the school showing that we are willing to stay committed to get the job done

Winning Mascot (56 student votes)

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Cost for Boise High School

Having to change a high schools mascot can cost any where from 30,000 to 45,000. School equipment, apparel, posters, and the physiological aspect will all be effected by the mascot change. Adidas is willing to cover all the costs so that school can change their offensive mascot

Graph and Table

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Survey will take place during December 17th through the January 5th

Project will be due January 14, 2016


Computer: to research possible mascots

Microsoft Excel: to create survey's and table with results

Smore.com: to make the presentation