Taylor's Territory

Class news for 4/20 - 4/24

Skills for this week

Math - Continue to review for TCAP, Building a Zoo Planning
ELA - Comprehension skills, verbal and written responses to text, final analysis of novels
Science - Ecosystems
SS - Revolutionary War leaders
Tests This Week:
Wednesday - Science Test (They have a study guide for this)
Thursday - End of Novel Test (Their book is used, but they should be reviewing highlights of the book).
Friday - Word Stem Quiz
Mini-Projects are finished. Cell City Projects are done. Now all that's left is the book report forms and biography reenactment. I will be checking with the students on Monday and they should be able to tell me their full names, year of birth, (and death if applicable) age and place(s) they grew up in WITHOUT THE AID OF NOTES.
Also, we are starting a research project in class that is just in the planning stages. It does not involve anything at home currently at all. We will practice learned skills in many areas by designing a zoo! You'll learn more about this soon.
Remember to be practicing IXL Math for 30 minutes each week as well as 30 minutes of ELA each week. Also, if you go to my Porta Portal there are lots of good skills for practicing. Study Jams are on this and they are a great way to review previous Science and Math concepts.

Our field trip was a huge success! I learned so much and the students were really well behaved. Thanks to those who could join us there.

Next week, the dreaded TCAP begins. We have been reviewing skills and I feel that our children are ready. We talk about how it's really about reading critically and implementing good test-taking skills. While some stress is good, I certainly don't want them overwhelmed, so next week there will be no homework - not even IXL or required independent reading.
Along with special snacks each day, I would like for you to send notes or cards to your child for the week. Please just label the envelope with the child's name and test day. For example, "Sally," "Tuesday" ( or Day 1). I would like to get these all in on Monday if possible. I put them out each morning, so when your child arrives there's a sweet note of encouragement waiting. It starts their day off in a positive way. A large manilla envelope
works well to send them all in. They can be handmade or store bought. Please do this because it is really sad when someone is left out. Testing is Tuesday - Thursday with make-ups on Friday. The separate SS pilot test will be on May 11 - 12.

You know by now that before TCAP children should get a good night's rest the day before and eat a protein balanced breakfast. Breakfast will be served here, but most of our children don't eat it. We will start testing at 9:00, but have to have everything in place by 8:50. You probably will be called about sending in water, snacks, or gum. It is very much appreciated.