Life before the Constitution

by Shariah morris

Life as a Southern planter

I am a tobacco planter. I live in Virginia. my life is great because my family is very wealthy. We also have slaves to do all the work. But we have a little problem with our slaves running away we just hire a slave catcher to bring them back and sometimes they get to the north before they are even caught but we don't worry about that because we own them and were just going to get them back.

Life as a Farmer

I am a farmer.I live with a farming family in western Massachusetts. My life is very difficult because we have not been keeping up with our state taxes. I have no money so i ask to borrow money from the bank to buy some food and a new plow. I'm very worried that i might lose my land or get put in jail for not keeping up with my state taxes.

Life as a Worker

I am a shoemaker. I live in manchester,New Hampshire. My life is hard. Because i'm not making a lot of money to buy tools and the person i have borrowed the money is threatening me to take me to court for not paying him back and it's even harder now that they stop making paper money now i can't charge more for my shoes then it was before.