The Gallipoli Campaign

Produced By Lachlan

What Was The Gallipoli Campaign?

  • A campaign that took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula
  • It occured between 25th April 1915 until 9th January 1916
  • The British Empire lost 252 000 soldiers
  • The Ottoman Empire lost 218 000- 251 000 soldiers
  • It was one of the WORST World Wars of all time

The Events

1am 25 April: The naval ships had reached their rendezvous, 5 miles from the intended landing place at Gallipoli.

3am 25 April: It was quite dark and a start was made towards the shore of Gallipoli with not alot of excitement. Would the enemy be surprised or be on the alert.

4am 25 April: Three battleships, line abreast 4 cables apart, arrived 2.286km from the shore with their guns manned and their searchlights ready. Very slowly, the boats in tow like 12 great snakes moved onwards towards the shore. Each boat edged towards each towards each other in order to reach ANZAC Cove 4 cables apart. The battleships moved in after them until the water shallowed. Everyone was fixed on the grim line of the hills in front, menacing in the gloom and the mysteries of which those in the boats were about to solve.

4:53am 25 April: A sharp burst of rifle fire came from the beach. The sound relieved the extended confusion which had almost become intolerable. The rifle fire lasted a few minutes and a faint British cheer come over the waters telling them that the 1st position was won.

5:03am 25 April: The rifle fire was intensified. By the sound of the reports they could tell that their men were in action. The firing lasted 23 minutes and then died down somewhat.

Later on the ANZAC's lost quite a few of their men.

Early Morning 26 April: The Turks repeatedly tried to move the Colonials from their positions. The latter (second) made local counter- attacks, and drove off the enemy with the bayonet, which the Turks will never face. The great attack lasted for 2 hours.

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