Marco Polo

Explorer Project

Who Was Marco Polo?

1. Marco was born around 1254 and died in 1324. His career was possibly a tax collector. He went to Mongolia with his brother and father but they traveled by land not by sea so no one financed their voyage. He died in his home city on January 8 1324 but not much else is known

1. His first voyage was with two members of his family he never met until his first voyage.1. They traveled by land to Mongolia were they met Emperor Kublai Khan. Marco was brought to his court and possibly made a tax collector. Marco was astonished by what he saw in Mongolia like paper money, coal, postal service, and eyeglasses. On the way home Marco was captured in battle by Venice arch rival Genoa.

Marco Polo shows you all of what the explorer did and whether people like it. Marco's email let's you ask whether or not he made to China.@explorsrock it lets you see the statice of explorers.