Kentucky Flood Relief

Assisting Robinson Elementary and Buckhorn School


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Drop Off Friday, Aug 5 through Friday, Aug 12 at any location below!

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From Teacher, Amy Campbell

Good morning, I am sure you all have seen the terrible flooding that happened last week in Eastern Ky. I grew up and moved from Hazard, Ky, which is one of the hardest hit areas of the region. Thankfully my family is all ok, but some friends have lost everything they have. The reason I am reaching out is for the two schools in Perry County that were flooded, Robinson Elementary and Buckhorn School. Robinson will have to be completely rebuilt as the foundation was washed away, and Buckhorn will need a massive clean-up and won't open this year.

So many families have lost their school as well as their home and all their belongings. Basic needs are being met with donations of food, water, and clothing pouring in. One thing that is being overlooked is the need for school supplies and backpacks. Many families are without anything, and school supplies won't be something they may be able to prioritize.

I was hoping that our school district and community could come together and ask for donations of school supplies and backpacks for the students affected by the flooding.

Would it be possible to get donations dropped off at schools? My husband has access to box trucks at work, and we could deliver the supplies possibly next weekend. I know any help we could give would be such a blessing to that community and mean so very much to me.

Amy Campbell
Social Studies Teacher
PBL Coach
Spring Hill Middle School

Drop Off Locations

Baker Elementary School

1301 Hampshire Pike, Columbia, TN 38401

Battle Creek Elementary School

165 Battle Creek Way, Spring Hill, TN 37174

Brown Elementary School

301 Cord Drive, Columbia, TN 38401

Columbia Central High School

921 Lion Parkway, Columbia, TN 38401

Cox Middle School

633 Bear Creek Pike, Columbia, TN 38401

Culleoka Unit School

1921 Warrior Way, Culleoka, TN 38451

Highland Park Elementary School

1606 Highland Avenue, Columbia, TN 38401

Howell Elementary STEM School

653 Bear Creek Pike, Columbia, TN 38401

Mt. Pleasant Middle School

410 Gray Lane, Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474

Mt. Pleasant High School

600 North Greenwood Street, Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474

Riverside Elementary School

203 Carter Street, Columbia, TN 38401

Spring Hill Middle School

3501 Cleburne Road, Spring Hill, TN 37174

Whitthorne Middle School

1325 Hampshire Pike, Columbia, TN 38401

Woodard Elementary School

207 Rutherford Lane, Columbia, TN 38401

Wright Elementary School

4714 Derryberry Lane, Spring Hill, TN 37174

The Flood in the News

From The Winchester Sun

It’s not just homes and businesses that have been damaged or destroyed due to the disastrous flooding in eastern Kentucky, as many school districts have to determine when and where classes can begin for the new school year.

Many superintendents said the flooding was unlike anything they’ve seen, in a virtual meeting with the Department of Education on Tuesday.

The Perry County School District has nine schools, with two schools severely damaged. Buckhorn School has damage to doors, windows and debris throughout the building. Perry County Superintendent John Jett said he believes that Robinson Elementary will need to be rebuilt due to the collapsing of 20% of the roof and an exterior wall. The struggle now is trying to decide where to house students for the upcoming school year, which will not be able to start as scheduled.

From the Lexington Herald Leader

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