Hero, Put Into Words

By: Jackie B

My True Hero

Dr. Blyumin grew up is Kiev, Russia. Ever since he was little he always wanted to be a doctor and help people. When he was in his teen years he got summoned to war and he trained as a doctor. Even though he barely knew how to do surgeries back then he still did full body surgeries when someone was hurt. Things got out of control with the Soviet Union so he and his family escaped to America to have a better life. He trained to become a doctor working with open heart surgeries and later moved on to foot and ankle surgeries. He is very successful and helps a lot of people. He truly is a hero and not only in my eyes.

Couldn't Meet Him, Yet Still My Hero

A true hero is someone who works hard to be where they are and still decides to help others. Andrew Carnegie came from a poor family in Scotland. Once he immigrated to America, he became an industrialist who expanded the American steel industry. He later went on to sell his business for five hundred million dollars. With all this money he donated more than half of it to building libraries and churches. Andrew Carnegie fits the criteria of a hero since he demonstrates a true value of determination and compassion.

Carnegie is a true hero because he worked really hard to get to the top and still decided to help others before himself. It is said that, “In between the years 1890 and 1919, Andrew decided to donate $56 million to build more than 2800 libraries. In his early life he went to libraries all the time so he knew that with the money he had from selling his industry he should help build more. This was also during the time of World War 1 so he also used his money to build libraries for soldiers” (Carnegie 3). Later it goes on to, “With all of the money he made he donated most of it to the churches and libraries. But he also donated a lot to organizations like the Church Peace Union, the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, and the Carnegie Endowment for International peace” (Carnegie 3). With all of Carnegie's selflessness this truly makes him a hero.

My uncle, Lenny Blyumin and Andrew Carnegie both started from nothing yet still worked their way to the top. But still both help on others before themselves. They both helped people and the world for the better. My uncle worked hard to be where he is and still saves lives everyday both physically and emotionally. Carnegie also did that by saving the education and religion in many people's lives. Mr. Blyumin and Mr. Carnegie are both heroes because they demonstrate such passion and selflessness for others.

If Andrew Carnegie would still be alive the first thing I would ask him would be, why did you donate all your money? I want to know this because I wanted to know his intention for all the donations. Did he want fame? Recognition? Or was he just doing it for the greater good of humanity? I think if Carnegie where to still be alive he would tell me to continue helping others who are in need. Is Carnegie and Mr. Blyumin met I believe they would ask each other about their lives and how hard it was to come to the top after starting so low in the bottom. I think they would also talk about all their accomplishments. Both my heroes are very selfless when it comes to others, but they did two different things to be my heroes. My uncle does surgeries and saves lives everyday, while Carnegie donated his money to helping people. Yet, these two amazing people both helped people everyday and wanted to benefit someone else's lives before their own. After looking at both what my hero and untouchable hero did this motivates me to start helping others. I might start helping people more who need it. I could join an organization that helps people in need. When I'm older and have a job with the money I don't need I could donate it to charities, exactly what Andrew Carnegie did. Maybe then I could be a hero in the minds of others.

What Does a Hero Mean to Me?

The stereotypical image of a hero is a guy in a cape saving innocent civilians from super villains. But really a hero doesn't have to be all that. A hero can someone who does an act like save you from a burning building, saving someone from a bad situation, or even curing a disease. Hero's are all around us from the fire station to a suicide hotline. To me a real hero is someone who will dedicate their lives to help others in need.

A hero is someone who will do a surgery for free when you can't afford it. Imagine you need a $180,000 surgery and can barely afford half. No doctor will do the surgery. They have no medical insurance and are in a lot of debt. Right as all hope is lost a hero comes in and does the surgery for free. It goes successfully. You walk out with a smile on your face knowing you are healthy and ready to live life. A hero will always help when they know they are needed. He makes sacrifices to save others. Despite the stress he has to do the operation, he forgets about it when the patient says they don't know where they would be now without the help of you, hero. A hero is someone who will help you when you are in need the most.

A hero is someone who can understand the surroundings. Dr. Lenny was working in the Russian war with little experience in surgery. Everyday more and more wounded soldiers arrive in pain and in need of a specialist. Dr. Lenny was the best they got. He little experience but a middle success rate. It took a while for the doctor to get a feel of his surrounding. Soon enough he was having a pretty high success rate, helped many people, and was the best doctor their. Without the help of Dr. Lenny many of the patients he had wouldn't make it to see their wife and kids ever again. Dr. Lenny kept families from falling apart and keeping them whole. Without this hero many people's lives would be much different today.

As one can see, the free surgery and the inexperienced high ranking doctor are both great examples of a real life hero. Many people are exactly like this doctor whether they were in the same situation or another similar one. While some may think they are a hero, a real hero doesn't consider themselves a hero in their eyes, only in the eyes of others. In your own life would you consider yourself a hero? Have you made a good difference on someone's life? Do you help others before yourself? In conclusion, many can see themselves as heroes, but the real heroes are seen through the eyes of others.

Secure Our Borders

A wise author once said, “Illegal immigration is crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorist to enter our country. It is straining our economy, adding cost to our judicial, healthcare, and educational system.” -Timothy Murphy. There are nearly twenty million illegal immigrants in the US today. Each one of them taking away jobs that Americans need and tearing our system apart. Illegal immigrants are getting into America easily because our borders are not secure.

Every year more and more illegal immigrants come into the beautiful country of America. Illegal immigrants are taking away jobs that great Americans need and deserve. Every month illegal aliens are causing numerous murders and drug related incidents that are giving America a bad reputation. “Marco Hernandez Ramirez, a thirty-four-year-old illegal alien, was sentenced to forty years in federal prison for killing a couple and their daughter in a car crash. Mr. Ramirez was intoxicated during the crash.” Due to this illegal immigrant three beautiful lives were lost due to the man that wasn’t even allowed to live in America. This is just one of the many examples of an alien coming into America and ruining the lives of the citizens. If the borders where stricter and tighter, these three people would still be living today.

Illegal immigrants are bringing in crime, gang violence, and drug to the streets of America. “Jose Angel Villarreal-Sanchez, was in possession of a firearm. According to federal law aliens are not allowed to be in possession of firearms. Three baggies of cocaine were also found in his backyard.” We let in immigrant that will help make America great, but when rejected come illegally. The ambitions of Mr. Villarreal-Sanchez in this time where clearly to ruin America by continuing to spread crime and drugs to the citizens. This statement clearly shows how when our borders aren’t secure people like this bring all sorts of crime America doesn’t need. In conclusion, when the borders are more guarded, the crime will go down. Americans living in dangerous places like the Southside of Chicago will no longer have fear walking out their doorsteps to the glamorous city they live in.

Although illegal immigrants are a drag upon our economy, they also take the lower paying, high labor jobs Americans do not want. As author H. A. Goodman says, “...certain segment of the U.S. economy, like agriculture, are entirely dependent upon illegal immigrants.” These illegal immigrants are keeping groceries full and food on the table for many American. The immigrants bring their culture and views and enhance our government and lifestyles.

Although the illegal immigrants may help our agricultural system they are taking away jobs American need to survive. Trump states, “Currently more than ninety American are unemployed.” All of those jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants that legal American could have. If their weren’t this many illegal aliens America's unemployment rate would certainly be decrease a substantial amount.

In conclusion, until our borders become secure the illegal immigrants will continue coming and continue bringing crime to America. Once our border are more guarded and secure this epidemic will continue spreading and jobs will continue being taken. America will surely be great again.
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