Goddess of marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth

Juno's role

Juno was the Queen of the Gods, and she was a part of the Capitoline triad that included Minerva and Jupiter. This Deity was one of the traditional female roles of wife and mother.

Symbols of Juno

Her symbols consisted of: all royal symbols, such as crowns and scepters, because she is Queen of Gods and the colors gold and purple. Then there are the golden cuckoo, peacock, lion and cow for symbol of motherhood.


Juno had three children Mars, Vulcan, Juventia, and Hebe. She married her own brother, Jupiter. She also had two sisters, Vesta and Ceres. Her parents were Opis and Saturn.

Juno and her Greek counterpart

Hera was often known as the queen of the heavens. Juno was more well known as the beloved goddess of marriage. Juno was also worshipped as a housewife and mother.

Myth of Jupiter, Juno and Io

Jupiter had fallen in love with a river nymph called Io. Jupiter transformed Io into a white cow to disguise Io from his wife, but Juno was not fooled. When Juno discovered what had occurred, she sent a gadfly to hunt Io forever. Jupiter vowed to end the affair and Io was released from the gadfly.

Myth of Hera, Hercules and the Snakes

While married to Hera, Zeus had a son named Hercules with a mortal woman. Hera, being a jealous wife of Zeus, sent snakes to attack Hercules when he was just an infant. As Hercules grew up, she continued to sabotage his quests by doing things such as stirring up the Amazons.

Juno's Sabotaging Rome Myth

Juno was said to have a love for the city of Carthage, but it would be destroyed when Rome is founded. Juno attempted to sabotage Aeneas’ journey to find Rome. She would persuade women to burn his boats in Sicily and send sea storms, but Aeneas landed safely in Rome.

Non-classical references

  1. Percy Jackson; In Percy Jackson, Juno plays a minor role.
  2. Hercules; In Hercules, Juno plays as Hera (her Greek counterpart).
  3. Assassins Creed:Revelations; Juno plays as the goddess of the world.
  4. God of War; Juno is played as Hera and plays a medium sized role.
  5. Clash of the Titans; Juno is played as Hera and she tortures Hercules throughout the movie.