Peace with the Different Races

Sam McCarthy

Slavery in America

Slavery began in America through the triangular trade. The triangular trade is a trade between America, Britain, and Africa. America got slaves out of the trade. They were transported on slave ships, which were ships that carried the slaves from Africa to America. The slaves that were brought were usually criminals that Africa did not want. Others were people who were going to be more of servants, since they would be paid. Many diseases were brought on the ships and most of the slaves died while travelling. Since there was a lot of farming land in the south, most of the slaves were brought there.

Slaves were treated very poorly in America. They were not allowed to go to school, because their owners feared they would become smart enough to learn how to escape. They were not allowed to read or write, except if their owners let them. They would often get whipped as their punishment. They worked from sunrise until sunset and got little food and sleep. Their only source of entertainment was singing and dancing while they worked. Some slave owners raped their female slaves, which resulted in pregnancy. The slaves were often sold away from their families and friends. Some slave owners gave slaves the holidays off so they could visit friends and family in nearby plantations.

Once slavery was abolished, African Americans were still treated unfairly. Many blacks still served as servants but were paid very little. They were forced to use "colored" restrooms, restaurants, stores, and even water fountains. Even though slavery was illegal, they were still treated as though whites and African Americans were not equal. Blacks and whites did not go to the same schools, and whites were treated a lot better. The whites got the new schools and books, while the blacks got the old books. There were often not enough books and materials so the students had to share. Even today, as much as we have grown as a country, racism is still a problem.

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Who Says we aren't the Same?

Solving the problem of racism in America today.

Not many people know this, but racism is a real problem today. There are so many stereotypes of not only African Americans, but of Asians, Mexicans, and all of the other races. African Americans are looked down upon, they are thought of to be dumb, and most people think they steal a lot. Most people think that they live in the "ghetto" parts of cities and think they are all criminals. Asians are thought to be very smart, they are made fun of by the way they are supposed to talk even if they do not talk that way. They are even made fun of for how they eat! Mexicans are also made fun of by their music choices. These are only some of the stereotypes out in the world. People need to be educated on how serious racism is today.

I have a plan to change the way Americans think about racism. My plan is that i am going to create a television show that shows all views on racism and what is right and wrong. My show will be aired on Saturday nights on NBC. It will be a thirty minute live audience show that includes discussions on events that deal with racism today. The tickets to the show will be free so anyone can come. The hosts of the show will be Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey. The first five minutes of the show will be either Ellen or Oprah (it will switch each episode) telling the audience what event they will be discussing and each host will get five minutes to discuss their views on the event and the outcome of the event. The next ten minutes will be people from the audience asking questions and saying their views on the event. The last five minutes two people from the audience will play a game that has to do with racism and the winner will win a prize.

I think this plan to end racism will work because it will be a fun and educational show where people can go for free and show their views on a certain topic. Also, Ellen and Oprah are very popular and influential people, so it will attract many viewers. I think having them show their views on the event will give people the push they need to speak their mind about racism and help stop it. I think if Ellen and Oprah try and support something, others will follow and it will really work.