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Attorney John Philip Milton Rutan is the Managing Attorney and Founder of Rutan Law. Rutan Law was opened up in November 2010. His legal career begin in 2002 while attending a paralegal school in downtown Columbus Ohio. After working and training as a paralegal in Columbus for 2 years, John moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida where he was modeled by Roberto Stanziale into the attorney he is today. In 2007 John began law school at The University of La Verne in Ontario California. Before coming to Ohio John concluded his law clerking and paralegal experience in the Public Defender’s office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and San Diego California giving him a variety of experiences. John is admitted to practice law in Ohio State Court and in the United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio.

Burglary may be committed by force, stealth, or deception. It involves trespassing into an occupied place with the intent to commit a criminal offense. It may be charged as a felony in the second, third, or fourth degree depending on the circumstances. Aggravated burglary occurs when the offender inflicts or tries to inflict physical harm on another or has a deadly weapon. This type of crime will generally be charged as a first-degree felony.

Assaults are quite common but severely punished offenses in the state of Ohio. Retaining the right Ohio Assault Attorney is necessary. We all know that situations happen where emotions are high and mistakes are made. Often, if you are facing assault and battery charges, you are instantly treated like a criminal, without being given any benefit of the doubt.

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John Rutan columbus criminal defense lawyer

Assault Crimes Defense Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio. In Ohio, assault crimes are broken down into four basic categories;simple assault, negligent assault, felony assault, and aggravated assault. A simple assault is when you were reckless or knew your actions could cause physical harm to someone else, including an unborn child.

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