January News

What's happening at HGECC?

Happy New Year!

Dear HGECC families,

I hope you had a fun break with your children these past 2 weeks! Hopefully you were able to read a book with him/her, take them to the grocery store with you for some extra "talk time", play a game, or just got to sit down and watch television with them!

As I made the rounds and talked to teachers today, they were all busy getting classrooms ready for your little ones to come back to school tomorrow. Every teacher said how much they missed their students and can't wait to welcome them back tomorrow!

This month we will continue our learning and growing as we read new stories, build new structures, test our ideas, and play together! You will, no doubt, see growth in your child over the next few months as they begin to recognize letters, maybe spell or write their names, start noticing letters and numbers when you are out and about, and continue to build their vocabulary! This is such an exciting time of the school year!

Your teachers will be reaching out to start scheduling our second semester Home visits soon. Please make sure you take the time to meet with her so that you can discuss your child's progress and strengths! This is a neat time to hear about all of the things he/she has learned since August.

Are you curious about what your little person does all day while they are here? Check out your child's classroom website for pictures, resources, and updates on what is happening! We are always adding new information to our building page and teacher pages. Go to https://hgecc.grandviewc4.net, click on "about us", then go to "teachers and staff". Find your teacher's name and click on their website.

Remember-if you ever have any questions or ideas you would like to share with me, please give me a call!

Welcome to an amazing new year-2019!

-Keri Collison

Events Coming up:

Jan 3: Welcome back to school!

Jan 15: Fire Drills

Jan 21: No School-MLK Jr. Day

Jan 24: Intruder-lockdown Drills

Conscious Discipline Focus at Home:

Be Present

This month, continue your focus on being present with your child. Be present in the moment. Take the opportunity to connect by getting down on the floor, look your child in the eye, and be silly! Have fun with your child, connect, and make memories.

Remember-when those moments of upset come-breathe... you got this!

Taken in part from @ConsciousD

Meet: Mrs. Kayhill

Kimberly Kayhill is one of our Title I pre-K teachers here at HGECC.

Click this link to learn more about Mrs. Kayhill and her class!


Car and bus rider procedures at a glance

Car Riders:

A. Please use the loop in the back of the building.

B. Have your blue card in the passenger side window when you pull up to a cone.

C. When you pull up, staff will come to you car to receive or deliver your child to you.

D. Initial the clipboard at pick up times.

E. Please do not pull around other cars in the drop off/pick up line. This is for the safety of our students and your children.

Bus Riders:

A. Make sure you have your yellow bus card to receive your child from the bus.

B. Initial the clipboard/bus sheet that the driver provides to you.

C. Walk your child to the door of the bus when loading, and receive your child at the door of the bus at drop off.

Big picture

Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers is taking enrollment for those families interested in this free home-visiting program! Our program focuses on families who are pregnant or have children birth to Kindergarten. For more info please call 816-316-5517

or visit us online www.gc4parentsasteachers.weebly.com.

Parent Committee

Have you heard about Parent Committee?

Call Chelsea at 816-316-5457 for more information!

We want to partner with you to get your input and feedback on our HG family and focus! One way to share your ideas is through our Parent Committee. We meet quarterly at HGECC, and would love to see you at our next meeting!

Why does HGECC Rock?

Our Mission:

To support children in reaching their highest potential by utilizing developmentally appropriate practices in a safe and nurturing environment. By partnering with families, we build positive relationships which promote life-long learners.

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HGECC Principal: Keri Collison

I am excited to share your children with you this year!

This is my 4th year as the principal here at HGECC and I am proud to lead such an amazing staff.

Please contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.