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November 2020

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We wish all of you the happiest of holidays

We cannot thank you enough for the time and dedication you give day in and day out to the children in your care.Please enjoy our holiday edition of the Quarterly Newsletter!


Calendar notes


Here are a couple of tips to help:

  1. Please make sure the writing is legible
  2. Please make sure to specify clothing sizes by circling the appropriate category (adult, child, infant/toddler)
  3. Please make sure the list is attainable for our donors (unfortunately high priced items will not be able to be purchased)
  4. Please be as specific as you can be, including a location to purchase if you have items that may be more difficult to find.
  5. Please complete lists only for the current foster youth. While we would like to be able to sponsor all the youth in all the homes, we are only able to do so for current foster youth.
  6. Please plan to be available to pick up the gifts prior to Christmas. For homes in the Denver Metro area, this may mean coming to the Aurora office to get your gifts. For homes in Colorado Springs, this may mean meeting in a centralized location in Colorado Springs to pick up your gifts. We would like to have all gifts distributed by 12/23/2020 and in time for Christmas.
  7. In return for the gifts, we are asking that each youth complete a thank you card for their gifts so that we can hand these back to the sponsors to show our appreciation. These cards do not need to be perfect, but creativity and effort are appreciated. If the youth are too young, we would love a little thank you note from the Provider in their place.
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Recruitment info

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Shop online for the holidays and support ANW!

A New World received it's first charitable donations from Amazon Smile at the end of August!

We are so grateful for this extra boost in funding for recruitment and retention. When you shop through Amazon Smile, you enable us to continue projects such as ensuring all Providers have touch-less thermometers.


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Crisis Resources

If you see a child in a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 immediately.

Colorado Child abuse hotline

Report neglect or abuse right away; contact your case manager immediately after.



Colorado Crisis Services

call 1-844-493-8255 or text 38255

Confidential statewide mental health services and emotional crisis help.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


If you suspect someone is struggling, PLEASE share this number. There are options to chat, for deaf or hard of hearing individuals, for Spanish-speakers, and specific resources for youth.


Colorado's 24/7 Human Trafficking Hotline


You can report tips and request referrals.


We sincerely hope you never need to use these resources, but it's important to know about them, just in case. If one of these events happens to your child and you're not sure what to do, please give your case manager a call.


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Fostering Great Ideas

Fostering Great Ideas is an organization which provides tutoring services, mentoring for ages 12-21, college guidance, among many other programs. All their referral forms are located on their website, https://fgi4kids.org/.

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Foster Source

Our family the Duffy’s were featured in this short video promoting foster source 😊

Foster Source COVID Relief for Foster Families


Provider spotlight


Ready to learn more about our amazing A New World families? Amber and Maurice Taylor graciously agreed to share their story with us all. Read on to find out more about the Taylor Family!

1. What makes your family unique?

Maurice comes from a very big family; his parents did foster care and fostered many special needs children for many years and have adopted 17 children. Amber has lots of experience with kids who struggle with emotions and behaviors. So, a large family seems fitting as we love a big and busy family. We don’t feel right knowing that we can help others and not do something for children. We try to teach them respect for others, to be happy for them, and support them in their journey. We as a family have never put kids into respite. When they step into this house, they ARE FAMILY and we do everything TOGETHER ALWAYS. I guess you can say we were meant to foster.

2. Share something funny that recently happened with your kids.

Each child takes turns praying at the table and each one takes something from what the others have said and then, they add their own prayer to it. So, it gets longer and longer and longer as they go. It is the cutest thing to hear and see!

3. How has fostering impacted your life?

Fostering has made us very humble and sympathetic to families and what they are going through.

4. What advice would you give to someone who was interested in becoming a foster parent?

There is a lot that goes into fostering, but the lessons and wisdom you learn on the way are awesome and priceless! If you're thinking of fostering and don’t know if you can, put yourself in the children's shoes that have to leave their home and all they know.

5. How do you balance parenting, work, and personal time?

You must have good structured and scheduled times. On school nights, kids need to have some quiet time doing something they enjoy before bed that is calming. So, in turn the kids will give you some time to regroup, we like to have coffee on the patio in the mornings before all the kids get up along with a fire in the evenings. When everyone joins us, we talk about things they would like to do/be in the future. If you take the time to sit with the kids, without TV or electronic devices, they see how much you love them and care about them and their well-being. You also learn a lot about their desires and who they want to be.

6. What activities do you and your kids love to participate in?

We AS A FAMILY love to go hiking, we teach the kids to stop and listen. You will hear animals, birds, and maybe some water running and peace. We look for rocks and things that stick out. We take the rocks home and let the kids paint or color them, making them their own. The kids love to go camping they get to see all types of wildlife; they start to learn about nature. They love to ride bikes, racing each other and doing tricks. When they can help us cook, it is a time they get to share and learn. To see their faces when things click, and they understand. They take it and run with it, cooking with the play kitchen and creating their own exquisite meals, it is so cute! At times, some of those meals do sound like it may be pretty good!

Thank you, Taylor Family, for sharing your experiences with us!

Does your family want to be featured in an upcoming provider spotlight? Do you want to share with us how your family is unique? Email Lindsey at lindsey@anewworldcpa.org to get started!

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Farewell Amy Brown!

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We wish Amy Brown farewell as she goes on to her next endeavors. We appreciated her high energy and team spirit. Her passion for our Youth was always apparent and she always acted as an advocate for not only our Youth but our Providers as well. Thank you so much Amy! We wish you all the best!


You make a difference every day!

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Random Acts Colorado

Thank you for your generous donation of School Supplies! These are necessary supplies to help kids have a successful start to the new school year. We wouldn’t be able to impact families without supporters like them.
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Staff spotlight

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Debra Miller

1. How long have you been at A New World?

3 years this month!

2. What do you love most about your job?

I love listening to the care and love that both the Foster Parents and the Team exhibit in caring for the babies, the preteens and the teenagers. There is so much love and care I didn't get to see in the traditional business/corporate world. I love working with A New World Team! Lots of genuine caring!

3. What makes a day great?

A great day comes when we have a day where there are no issues with the Youth we have in our care. Knowing that all children are at peace in their respective homes.

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a foster parent?

Attending the CORE training class is key and let's you know the full spectrum of what you will be getting into. Knowing the good and the challenges of what you will encounter as a Foster Parent is so important.

5. What does your ideal weekend look like?


Football! I love watching both college and professional football. I enjoy going to the games and tailgating! I will look forward to doing this again soon! I love sports!


A New World is moving locations!

We will be at our existing location through the end of the year.

As of 1/1/2021, our new address will be:

10800 E Bethany Dr, suite 225

Aurora, CO 80014

Our standard office hours are:

8a-5p Mon -Thurs

8a-noon – Fri

We are still primarily working remotely however are able to provide support in the office by appointment only. Please call your CM or call the office to schedule 303-743-4000.


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