Ceremony of Surprise

A shocking turn of events took place at the Ceremony of 12.

The Ceremony

This December like every December the Ceremony of Aging took place, and the most important of the Ceremonies, the Ceremony of Twelves. Each family unit gathers in the town auditorium each December for the younger children to age up and receive new things and responsibilities, but as I mentioned earlier the Ceremony of Twelve takes place where all the fellow Elevens are carefully assigned their roles for the future in the community.
This Ceremony of Twelve one Eleven, Jonas was skipped over by the Chief Elder. After all of the Elevens were called the Chief Elder informed Jonas he was selected to be the new Receiver of Memory. The Chief Elder discussed Jonas’ qualities and the intense following of Jonas’ actions and what led the committee to select Jonas to be the new Receiver of Memory. Jonas was bewildered at his selection.
After Jonas had been selected the Chief Elder spoke on the qualities that a receiver must have and that Jonas had shown those qualities when they observed him. When speaking on the qualities she said ¨He has shown all of the qualities that a Receiver must have. Intelligence, We are all aware Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days. Integrity, Jonas has like all of committed minor transgressions.” She also went on to mention his ¨courage¨ She further explained the pain and what he would be faced with. No one else can comprehend this talk of pain except for the Receiver.