Scott's character traits

Kristian Tunnell


Scott at the beginning of the book judges Lee for her appearance and wants nothing to do with her. When he meets her though he changes his ways and finds that they have a lot in common. Here is an example from the text,"I tried not to stare at her. Okay-that's not true. I tried not to let her catch me. But I couldn't help myself. I mean safety pins?"pg.93


Scott can't go ten minutes without his head in a book. He often quotes a book or poem and tries to get family members and friends to read. Here is an example from the text,"You keep bugging me to read stuff. Go get a hobby or something."pg.224


Scott throughout the book thinks that he is just another one of the unpopular kids and underestimates himself. Near the end of the book when h talks with Julia h figures out people would love to be him and he is talented. Here is an example from the text,"Everyone reads your articles. The jocks love the attention. You're smart. You get good grades. You live in a nice house Your parents aren't split up or anything. But... Do you have any idea how many kids would love to be you?"pg.271


Scoot writes funny newspaper articles and is well known for them. He even got elected for student council by telling a funny speech. He has a mildly sarcastic sense of humor, not as sarcastic and extreme as Lee but still sarcastic.


Scott tries to think of ways to win Julia over like getting into theater, or getting elected, etc. He thinks that none of these tactics work for reasons like Julia didn't get into theater, or Scott ruined Julia's chance to get elected. This does win Julia near the end of the book, but he ends up being a couple with Lee. Here is an example from the text,"Look at you, Scott. You've got it made. No, I don't. Are you kidding? You're on the newspaper. You were in the stage crew. Yo got elected to student council. Everywhere I look, there you are. I don't know how you fit it all in."