Connect the Dots

May 2014

Wow! What a great month!

Big congratulations to the top in sales for Connect the Dots in April:

Julie Gilbert $8479.00

Marie-Mathilde Delahaye $8039.00 (Top in France again!!)

Agathe Ganet $5931.62

Deborah Brosnan $4775.65

Andrea Roell $4177.50

Michelle Colasante $4141.50

Also a big congratulations to all who sponsored in April! We have 14 new people on our team!!

Pamela Thomas 4

Debbie Brosnan 3

Martine Benoist 2

Marie-Mathilde Delahaye 1

Dara Dematteo 1

Karl Shoemaker 1

Rosemarie Connell 1

Melissa Spiers 1

Please welcome all of our new stylists! We are so excited to have you on our team and are here to support you in any way we can.....

Doan Biraud

Julie Scafidi

Laurence De Boissieu

Ludovique De Roquemaurel

Michelle Mobilia

Emily Ficke

Deanna Allen

Alissa Zupnik

McKenzie Hollenbaugh

Olivia Kelley

Kate Kelly

Dara Dematteo

Catherine Sheerin

Karyn Metois

I also want to congratulate all of you who sold even one necklace or who had sponsoring conversations but none signed up yet. It is a numbers game and if your goal is to qualify every month, or sell $2308 every month, or sponsor someone every month, it can be done!! If your goals are smaller, that is great too. This business is designed to be whatever it is that you want it to be so I encourage you to only measure your success by your own goals. Also know that if you want more help achieving your goals please reach out to your upline or to their upline if you would like an additional voice. That is what we are here for and we want you to succeed in your businesses, whether they are big or small.

You are invited!!

Please join several of our sister First Impression's teams this Monday for celebration, camaraderie, and the latest and greatest from the home office. Please RSVP to (not kristin). Hope to see many of you there! It will be great fun!