Puritan Merchant

By: Destro Finagen

Hello I am above all a Puritan

Hello I have a lot to say about my religious self. You should know above all else to be a puritan it takes perseverance. In the "Old World" we were misfits, witches, mis understood people who got persecuted because of the way we worshiped our god. Well to be puritan you have to be pure. If you sin its the end. The way of a puritan is hard, tough, we do not belief of self-wants or satisfaction.

The Merchant side

The merchants in Ireland was tough. There were at least three shope in each block. There in the new world there would probably be more opportunity, being new and all. I want to start my own business by selling minerals, foods, and everyday goods

What I want.

I have a few needs and wants that could sustain me, my religion, and my business. First of all I want to live in a booming city; a populated area for many potential customers. I want to live near places where I can sustain suppliers. I want the area where I live to be mostly populated with puritans or at least christians so we can practice are religion in a group. I want to live in a safe area so I can sustain my peacefulness.

Government and Economy

The Economy should be based on blacksmithing, mining, and farming. The government should be ran by officials in faith.