Monday Memo, March 21, 2016

Funkstown School for Early Childhood Education

For the week of Monday, March 21st to Friday, March 25th

OUR VISION: Inspiring Curiosity, Creativity, and Achievement

OUR MISSION: Building a learning environment that meets the needs of every student, fosters mutual respect, and social responsibility which is enhanced by strong partnerships between home, school, and community.

News, Notes and Reminders

iPADS in Education Professional Development Opportunity

Attend this event to see how iPad and the Apple content

ecosystem for education can make early childhood education more relevant and more personal.

  • View interactive curriculum-focused apps that engage students and personalize learning.
  • See how Multi-Touch books on iPad and Mac provide a more engaging reading experience for young learners.
  • Learn how educators can use free resources from the iTunes U catalog to deliver an array of curriculum content.
  • Explore creativity tools on iPad that let students share knowledge in compelling new ways.
  • Learn how you can personalize content for early learners.
  • Hear from an Apple Distinguished Educator who uses iPad to create engaging, interactive experiences for primary grade learners.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how iPad and digital content can engage students and personalize learning in early childhood education.

See Valerie for more information and to register.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
1:00–3:30 p.m. EST
UMBC Technology Park
1450 S. Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1:00–3:30 p.m. EST
Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina
100 Heron Boulevard
Cambridge, MD 21613

Monday, March 21st

Happy Monday! Welcome back!

Professional Learning Day- Please be in the cafeteria at 10:00 AM

Tuesday, March 22nd

Professional Learning Day for all teachers and paraprofessionals. Teachers and general education paraprofessionals go to Ruth Ann Monroe Primary.

Special Ed. paraprofessionals to Maugansville Elementary.

Please see Dr. Wilcox's Friday Update for details.

Wednesday, March 23rd

Happy Spring Break!! Schools and CES closed until Tuesday, March 29th.

I wish you a restful and relaxing vacation, and a Happy Easter too!

Thursday, March 24th

Spring Break

Friday, March 25th

Spring Break

Professional Learning Day for Elementary Staff

Tuesday, March 22nd, 8am-3:30pm

1311 Yale Drive

Hagerstown, MD

A message from CES staff - for all PreK and Kindergarten classroom teachers


A portion of the professional learning day on March 22 will be dedicated to a process of identifying a few anchor papers for each performance level for one task in each grade level. In order to engage in this process, please bring student work. See the details below...

  • Bring copies of the specific tasks identified for your grade level K- Bowling Task.
  • If you bring the original student work, clearly label with school and teacher names so they can be returned to you.
  • Each teacher will bring the work of four students- one artifact from each performance level (1-4), unless otherwise communicated by your LT.
  • Clearly label each task with a 1, 2, 3, or 4, based on the overall performance in reading or math as indicated on the chart below.
  • The tasks will be anchored with a more narrowed focus, according to the identified transfer goal, rather than the entire rubric (also indicated on the chart below).

Grade Level - PreK

Task - Recess

Transfer Goal - M4: Make use of structure and/or repeated reasoning to quantify, compare, represent and model mathematics while attending to precision.

Notes: New Task: No student work

Grade Level - Kindergarten

Task - Bowling

Transfer Goal - Part C ELA2: Read, comprehend, and analyze increasingly complex texts and media produced for various audiences and purposes. MP2 or 4


Gen. Ed and Co-Taught Classroom Pre-K Paraprofessionals should plan to attend the day with Pre-K teachers.

Special Education Paraprofessionals will attend the session with Connie Hartman at Maugansville Elementary School.

Life Skills Teachers will be at Marshall Street School today.

PD for Special Education Paraprofessionals

Tuesday, March 22nd, 9pm

18023 Maugans Avenue

Maugansville, MD

All special education parapros should attend PD on March 22nd at Maugansville Elementary.

2016 March Staff Calendar

Please use the following link to be up-to-date on upcoming events for the month of March.


  • April 19th- Kindergarten to Little Mermaid
  • April 21st- Kindergarten to Planetarium
  • April 26th- Primary Election Day - No School, Funkstown office open, CES open.
  • May 3rd and 4th - Prekindergarten Family Conferences. No school for Pre-K
  • May 3rd and 4th - iPad in Early Education. UMBC and Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort- (see above)
  • May 3rd- Dinosaurs Rock program for Kindergarten students. PM
  • May 13th- Cinco De Mayo Day luncheon
  • May 17th- Ready at Five Symposium, Emotional Intellegence- From Theory to Practice - Turf Valley Conference Center.
  • May 19th- Pre-K to Misty Meadows Farm - Kindergarten to KinderKonzert
  • May 27th- Funkstown Field Day
  • May 30th- Memorial Day- Schools and CES closed
  • June- 3rd and 4th - End of Year Funkstown Picnic
  • June 7th- Last day of school for Pre-K students
  • June 8th- Last day of school for Kindergarten students
  • June 9th- Last day of school for staff
  • June 9th- Social/Wellness Committee Social- Destination to be determined.
  • June 10th- HAPPY SUMMER!