Casio Analog Digital Men’s Watch

Casio Analog Digital Telememo Illuminator Men’s Watch

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Casio Analog Digital Telememo Illuminator AW-80V-5BVDF AW-80V-5BV Men’s Watch

Cool and casual, the Casio Analog Digital Telememo Illuminator AW-80V-5BVDF AW-80V-5BV Men’s Watch is truly a dream come true to guys looking for a no hassle, ready for all occasions watch. It belongs to Casio’s Youth Series, an excellent collection of Analog-Digital watches. Its beige dial makes it both attractive and exclusive. The trendy and appealing appearance makes this Casio watch an excellent pick for anyone looking for technology without spending a great deal.

The Casio Analog Digital Telememo Illuminator AW-80V-5BVDF AW-80V-5BV Men’s Watch qualifies as a perfect traveller’s watch. Its ana/digi face allows setting two different time zones - home and destination - that can be viewed at a glance. Besides, you also get the world time feature, which means there’s no guesswork involved in setting the time. It will tell you the difference in the hours all by itself. All these come backed with a powerful backlight that brightens up the digital window fully and the analog display fairly, making reading the time and other functions easy at the absence of light.

Next comes the 30-page databank. Store all the information – including telephone numbers - that you may like; that’s a lot of memory to dig into. The 10-year battery life ensures you don’t have to open it up in anytime soon. The high quality stainless steel makes it long-lasting and sturdy enough to endure regular wear and tear.

The strap is highly durable and made from hypoallergenic material, fitted with a well-built buckle clasp, which is stylish to say the least and ensures that the watch never leaves its place. This is vital, for the ,Casio Analog Digital Telememo Illuminator is made for rough usage and adventures, where a watch can face its doom any given time. The strap ensures it doesn’t go the way many went so far.

A Casio Analog Digital watch of this standard shall invariably feature a stopwatch, which it does and becomes an indispensable tool when it comes to swimming, jogging and even for the gym! You can clearly define the exact span of your actual workouts and rest periods with aid from this feature. Besides, there is an alarm, which is a great aid for just anything you do, whether in the lab, or in the kitchen or when you are setting deadlines for yourself.

The mineral crystal is highly durable and matches the rest of the watch in its sturdiness and looks all trendy and classy in the total getup. The watch is water-resistant, so you can wear it while indulging into light water sports at a less than 100m depth. Easily paired with various outfits, the Youth Series Casio G-Shock Analog is a simple yet advanced piece of wearable technology.