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April Sales

Congrats to all for rockin your April business!!!!!

Top 5 Sales

Chris Schwerdtmann &Katie Andolina $1790.99

Ann Conklin $1489.90

Amy Bruns $787.43

Emily Peter $355.65

Amy Ripley $284.00

May Challenge

Receive $50 in Lattice and Ivy credit when you sponsor a Design Consultant. Sponsor 3, go to convention for FREE. You can use your credit to pay for the registration fee at conference or for product. Share the opportunity with others and watch your business bloom.
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Spring Sales Growth

Spring time is very busy. Lattice & Ivy is the perfect place for Mother's Day, Graduation, Wedding and baby gifts. This is the perfect time to ramp up your business and help people with their gifts.

How do I do that?

1. Send out a newsletter. Show and tell people how fabulous Lattice & Ivy is. There are several companies you can use. I prefer smore because you can add events you will be at and tons of images.

2. Book as many design bars as you can. Everyone loves to save. This will give you momentum moving into summer.

Tips for booking design bars click here

Tips for booking designs while at a design bar click here

3. Posting on facebook. People love to see product and when they see something that resonates with them, they will purchase. If someone likes or comments on a photo, remember to follow up.

4. Talk and show Lattice & Ivy to everyone. Leave catalogs at your favorite place. Pass them out to friends. Always keep one in your purse and a few in your car.

Father's Day Ideas

Design Consultant Spotlight

Anne Conklin

1. A little about yourself. Where you live, how many kids etc.

Jennifer Morris, live in Frisco, Tx - about 20 miles north of Dallas- husband, Robert and two boys, Austin age 10, Jack age 8

2. How did you find Lattice and Ivy?

Austin plays competitive baseball so our spring weekends are usually a family affair at the ball fields. Luckily, there are lots of siblings for Jack to play with!

3. You are off to an amazing start! Could you share a few things that have helped you?

I joined L & I mainly because I love all personalized stuff! I could never have too many things with my initials on it. I loved the L&I business plan and the beautiful designs.

4. What do you hope to achieve with your business?

Currently, I am working L&I as more of a hobby at this point. I am in the process of creating a personal blog and website to promote Sensory Processing Disorders and my essential oils business. However, I know there is so much potential to grow my L&I business and achieve my goals. I never lose sight of the open territory and the hundreds of customizable products. A thriving L&I business is very much in my sights! I love that L&I is a new, up and coming company with so much potential and open territory!

5. What is your favorite product?

I truly love the tumblers, notecards and bag tags. Those are probably my top picks, followed by the clipboards, labels and melamine line. Of course, now I am in love with the baby line and pillows! I love it all!

Sharing The Business

Sharing your business can be a gift to so many. Share this video, call and ask to meet for coffee. If they say no, it's not personal, it's just right for them. But be sure to ask if they know of anyone who might be interested.
Lattice & Ivy, Grow with us!


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