Third Grade Newsletter

April 7, 2017

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As a reminder, we will be taking the MAP starting the week of April 17th. Please be sure to encourage your student to be reading each night along with practicing their math facts. This will help set them up to succeed when they take the test. Your student needs to be at school on time each day during the testing weeks or else they will need to make the test up at a separate time. We recommend that they get lots of sleep so they can be ready to do their best. If they do not like the school breakfast, please make sure they eat something at home.

We have also decided that we will provide spelling words for the next three weeks, but will not give tests to help with the stress of MAP. Please continue to practice spelling words with your student, but don't expect spelling homework worksheets. We want the students to go home and relax for the next few weeks.

Calendar at a Glance


11th-Miss Evans Google Field Trip

12th-Miss Gholson Google Field Trip

14th-No School

18th- MAP Testing starts

ISD Character Traits


Perseverance- To keep trying in spite of difficulties.


We started our fairy tale unit this week. The students worked hard on identifying the story elements and sequence of a fairy tale. We also started learning about the lesson or moral of a fairy tale that is learned. We will continue to focus on this next week. A great question to ask is: Why is it important to know the sequence (order) of a fairytale/story?

The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more you grow.

- Dr. Seuss



Students built on their understanding of geometry and shapes by identifying polygons that are congruent. Students also identified symmetrical shapes and lines of symmetry. Next week, students will work on creating line graphs and bar graphs based on specific data. A great question to ask your child is: How can you tell if a shape is symmetrical?


Students continued to learn about food chains this week and how animals adapt to live in a specific ecosystem. Students created their own food chains which included a: producer, consumer, and decomposer. We will build on this by discussing food webs next week.

Specials Schedule

Specials Schedule


A: Music

B: Art


D: Library


A: Art


C: Library

D: Music

Monday 4/10- B

Tuesday 4/11- C

Wednesday 4/12- D

Thursday 4/13- A

Friday 4/14- No School

Recess News!

Each week students will be sent home with a reading log. The students will need to complete the reading log four times a week for thirty minutes each day. Students have also started working on their spelling homework which will be given out each day besides Friday.

Spelling words for the week of: 4/10-4/14

1. abyss
2. myth
3. lynx
4. lyrics
5. syrup
6. idyllic
7. pyramid
8. symbol
9. cymbal
10. system
11. Egypt
12. typical
13. syllable
14. sympathy
15. mystery
16. rhythm
17. acrylic
18. physical

Low Supplies

Throughout the year, we will be updating a list in this section of the newsletter for supplies our classrooms are running low on. Ms. Gholson's class is out of tissues and we would appreciate any donations. Thank you!

A video the students watched about the importance of learning from your mistakes and persevering!

Keep Moving Forward!