Melanie Mae Gould

My Summer


This summer I went to volleyball open gyms. Open gyms were every Monday and Wednesday for two hours. At open gyms I improved some of my skills and worked on getting back in shape.

On the road again...

This summer I went to Spokane, Washington. Our whole family went to work on a rental house that had been vandalized. The first time we went towards the beginning of summer, we cleaned up a bunch of trash and I took down a huge wall. It was very hard work because I had to try and save all of the sheet rock!!!! We were there about a week. Then, we went up there again the week before school started and didn't get home until 1:00 o'clock in the morning on the 19th, the day school started!!! This trip we weed wacked the four foot high weeds in the front and back and racked them up. I also did other jobs like taking off all the trim in two of the bedrooms!! it was very hard work .

Church Camp!!!

This summer I went to girls camp and went on a eight mile uphill hike and eight mile down hill which was very steep!!! we hiked in with thirty pound packs including a tent, four meals, clothes, and a sleeping bag!!! it was horribly heavy especially uphill!!!! we got back to camp and were there for one week at a camp about 30-45 minutes past Medford. during camp we certified for swimming, canoeing, cooking, and other things. we had fire sides every night and devotionals in each cabin. We had cabin chores every night and we had to come up with a skong.(skit and song) the song was I;m goona wash that man right out of my hair and we had to square dance to it.This year was one of the best years for girls camp!!!

Reading, Reading, and more Reading!!!

This year I am in Advanced English! Over the summer time, I had to read To Kill A Mockingbird and answer 100+ questions on it. I also had to write a two page essay detailing the Scottsboro Case. The first few days back of school I have taken two tests and written a 5 paragraph essay!!! And it just keep coming!


During the summertime, I went trailer camping with my grandparents. We went to Brookings, Oregon for three days. While we were there we went to the beech for a couple of hours. My brother and I met some of our friends grandkids from Taiwan, it was very fascinating to here about Taiwan  and how they live.