Apps for Mobile Learning

by Kelsey Ewert


In this module, we explored different apps that support personal mobile learning, and to provide examples of how they could be used. As my interests focus around elementary students, five different apps that they could use for mobile learning are shown below.


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Toontastic is a creative storytelling tool that empowers children to make their own creations by drawing, animating, narrating, and recording their own creations. This is a free app found in the Apple Store.

It would be great for an English lesson in an elementary classroom as it could be used an engaging alternative to traditional story or essay writing.

Bubble and Pebble Story

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Bubble and Pebble story is a free app in Google Play that shares an interactive story illustrated and narrated by 6 year olds. The story focuses on colors.

This would be a great lesson for a kindergarten class as they learn to read and distinguish colors. It would help improve the children's reading and listening skills.

Martha Speaks Dog Party

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Martha Speaks Dog Party is an app based off of the PBS television show. It can be found in the app store or from common sense media free of charge. It provides children, from 4-7 years of age, a variety of games to enhance their vocabulary.

This would be great supplementary material for kindergarten to grade 3 classes. It could be available as entertainment for them during their free time, like recess. Or it could also be used as an activity students could do after completing an assignment and waiting for other students to catch up.


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Nearpod is an app that elevates the traditional powerpoint presentation. By using nearpod, teachers can turn any powerpoint presentation into an interactive lesson by integrating quizes and polls, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools.

With a class set of apple devices (iphones, ipods, ipads) this app could be used in a variety of different lessons to ensure engagement and participation with students.

Motion Math

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Motion math is a game app that helps students practice their fractions. There are levels you advance as you progress through the game and hints you can use if the questions are too tough.

This again would be great supplementary material to help students gain retention of their fraction solving skills. It could be used as entertainment in free time. It could be provided for students who are finished assigned tasks and waiting for other students to catch up. It could also be a class activity, by giving students 10 minutes at the end of the lesson to practice what they have learnt.