Lighten up your Felt

June 17-18, 2017with AnaRita de Albuquerque

A very new approch in e-textiles.

The COLORAMA project is a garment or object, infused with optic fibre that will glow in the colour of its environment, coordinating with any colour of your choosing. You will learn how to felt for inclusion of electronics and the method, developped by AnaRita for including optic fibre into felt layers. (workshop Blueprint 15-16 June


Imagine the possibilities - make handwarmers, a bagflap, a magic hat, a lampshade, a neckcowl, a sculpture, use endless possibilities of structured felt and combine it with the magic light!

what to learn

- First of all some felting skills.

- How to felt for inclusion of electronics.

- My method for including optic fibre into felt layers.

- How to stich with conductive yarn, and an explanation of what conductive yarn is and how it works.

- Introduction to electric circuits, with samples for you to see, touch and learn from.

- Introduction to sensors, also with my textile samples to see in action, I will also bring my circuit playground to show how different sensors read the world and then a response can be programed, this leads to:

- Introduction to programming, Arduino language (do not fear, you don’t need to become a 1st class programmer, what you need is to know little enough to choose from existing libraries and how to change bits of the program here and there to adjust to your project, things like how many leds are you using etc)

- Constructing our circuit, with colour sensor, leds , light sensor, conductive yarn and wire.

- Learn how to solder with a soldering tip and solder the necessary bits.

- Loading the program into the microcontroller, testing and corrections.

- How to connect the fibre optic ends to each led

- Powering wearables, little batteries and how to use them, charge them and concealing them.

about Ana Rita de Albuquerque

Ana Rita de Albuquerque grew up in Covilhã, the main Portuguese city for textiles and wool.

"I merges many textile and non-textile techniques, I work with photography on felt, 3D-drawing on silk and wool (technique developed by me for the 3D-buddy pen), the use of micro-controllers on felted garments in order to make wearables garments that use physical computing, I have found out that technology can very easily be implemented on felted items and that natural felt is a wonderful carrier for this! I also dye most of my silks and wools, with manufactured dyes and with natural ones, I’m a big fan of natural prints and ancient processes like shibori and sashiko but I’m also in love with what the XXI century has to offer, small scale fabrication and lots of exploring ahead!

I specially enjoy crossing borders and make different techniques come together in a meaningful and powerful way".


All workshops are being taught in English. Price of is incl. coffee, tea, sweets all day. The lunch is with homemade salades and dutch cheeses.

disclamer : Images are not exemplary of products that will be exactly made by participants

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