Conrad Hilton

By Adam Marker

History/ Background of Conrad Hilton

Born on December 25, 1887.

San Antonio, New Mexico

Took over is fathers general store at the age of 21.

Served in the New Mexico State Legislature.

Fought in WW1.

Bought the Mobley Hotel in Cisco, TX.

The rest is history...


History/ Background of Hilton Hotels

First hotel was the Mobley Hotel in Cisco, TX.

Started adding more hotels in the state of Texas.

Had troubles during the Great Depression, but business survived.

Formed the Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1946.

Expanded all over the United States.

Changed name to Hilton International Company in 1949.

Started opening hotels all around the world.

Became one of the largest hotel businesses in the world.

The company expanded out into credit cards and car rentals.

Conrad passed the reigns of the company over to his son Barron in the 1960's.

Business Idea

Hilton gained business skills working at his fathers general store.

He went to Texas with the intent to buy a bank, but he bought a hotel on an impulse decision.

The hotel had great success, so he decided to keep going.

Current State

Very successful.

Ten different brands of hotels, including Double Tree, Conrad, Embassy Suites.

More then 4,000 hotels worldwide.

In over 90 countries.

Currently managed and owned by Hilton Worldwide.

Mega Buyout in the 2008 Stock Market crash, but getting back into the stock market.